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Workflow of Machine learning vs Data Scientist Machine learning Position: The position of Machine Learning engineer requires more knowledge in Software Engineering and this position is well suited for experienced developers. ML engineer starts to understand the necessary algorithms and libraries.

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Strong programming skills in one or more popular languages. Usually Java and Python. Ability to create distributed applications using Hadoop and other solutions. R programming and Python for modelling.

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Data Scientist Position : Data scientists conduct research to generate ideas about machine learning projects, and perform analysis to understand the metrics impact of machine learning systems. Analyse and provide data collected in the organization. They should be able to allocate the data from structured and unstructured sources.

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Explore and apply intelligent learning to real-world data. Design and build new processes for modelling, data mining and implementation. Develop prototypes, Predictive models and algorithms.

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Data Scientists Roles and Responsibilities: Role of a Data scientist should be understanding the business challenge and communicating their findings to the business also create valuable insights to the data. Data Scientist should always come up with Queries. Manage and structure a big data from totally different sources. They should be good at Decision Making.

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Hope Tutors Provide Data Science training in Chennai: Our Data Science trainer currently doing a ‘Deep Learning’ project in “Stanford University”. He is an IIT Alumni. We provide Daily classes as a Video materials to students. We provide One hundred percent Placement Assurance. We help Candidates who are willing to do data Science Certification.

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