Add Text and Timestamp on Gallery Photos


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Add Text and Timestamp on Gallery Photos Make your memories eternal. By Auto Stamper

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Why Stamp Photos? Stamps has more than one meanings that convey the sign of trust, as it discourages the illegal use of innovative material without the permission of the creator. With the advancement in the digital world it very essential to protect your original work online. It help’s you to get the credits of your effort as well as showing distinct sign of ownership, so people can know where the photograph came from.

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It is very crucial to grab the perfect application in order to get your stamping work done accurately. Abundant features and lucid user interface make Gallery Photo Writing a great choice if you are out on a hunt for all-in-one Stamping App in Google Play Store It Serves you with 4 stamping options that includes Date and Timestamp, Watermark Logo, Signature Text and GPS Geo tag.

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Key Features of the App 4-in-1 Stamp Package 3 Options to Add Date and Timestamp Opulent Font Formats Adjustable Position and Size Live Preview Single or Multiple Image Selection Manual ON/OFF Functionality:

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Final Words Now say goodbye to all the problems related to photo stamping because Add Text and Timestamp on Gallery Photos is here to serve you finest features in a single package.

Summary: Add Text or Words signature, Date and Timestamp, GPS Geotag (Location) stamp and Logo watermark to your Photos for Free and make them Enduring. (4-in-1 Stamping)

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