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BIOTECHNOLOGY Exploring science at molecular level.

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Introduction Biotechnology is branch of science. It is the manipulation of cells at molecular/genetics level to produce new kind of products. It generally works for human welfare. Biotechnology also works for developing new methods/techniques for industry to grow rapidly. Research always continued in biotechnology and helps to cure different kind of genetic disease.

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Subjects of biology Biotechnology is technology which based on sciences of biology which includes: Genetics Food technology Biochemistry Agriculture biotechnology Fermentation technology Analytical Chemistry

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Applications of biotechnology Biotechnology helps in developing Genetically Modified Organism(GMO). It helps in producing GMC’s(Genetically Modified Crops). It helps in enhancing the particular function of microbes. It helps in increasing the resistance of cells to a antigen. It helps in introducing a strand of dna to a cell by dna recombinant technology. It helps in enhancing shelf life of fermented products which saves capital a person. It helps in converting raw material into ueful product.

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Limitations of Biotechnology Biotechnology has many limitations: Producing Genetically Modified Organisms is unethical. Biotechnology includes killing of animals during testing and sometimes animals suffer from pain which is against nature. In many countries GMC’s are banned because they affect the health of humans. Sometimes introduced gene does pass on to next generation which leads to loss of time and money.

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Summary: This ppt contains biotechnology introduction, applications, limitations

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