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CHOOSING THE RIGHT GIFT When buying a gift for your nephew, there is one rule etched in stone: NO CLOTHES (Unless of course it’s a sassy onesie for an infant or a graphic tee of their favorite superhero). And if that one rule can (occasionally) be broken, what hope is there for aunts and uncles seeking to be the best gifter when Christmas and birthdays roll around? Fortunately for you, there are dozens of awesome gifts your nephew is bound to be ecstatic over. And we have access to them all with our personal gift shopper service. Ahead, are 6 ideas that are sure to impress long after the gift-giving occasion is over.

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KITS One incredible gift option for your nephew might be a kit to fuel their inner scientist. Is your nephew constantly asking insightful questions? Wonder how someone so small can notice so much about the world around them? Feed their exploratory side (safely) with the gift of a science kit. From robotics to chemistry, there are a range of science kits that guide kids through experiments, allow them to build new contraptions, and help them think their way through how the world around them works. And if none of those kits quite measure up to your nephew’s standards, you can always give them owl poop to dissect (There is a kit for that, too).

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LEGOS A themed Lego set is always a foolproof gift for your nephew who loves to build. Legos have been a classic kids’ toy for more than 80 years. And now you can turn them into an ideal gift for your nephew by choosing a themed set that is close to his heart. Afraid you won’t find a Lego set he’ll love? Just think about that one superhero, video game, or story he really loves. Chances are you can find it as a Lego set. For example, does your nephew love Minecraft? Buy him Minecraft-themed building blocks. Is he taken with Batman? The Lego Batman Movie has led to several Batman-themed sets. Is he more of a castles and dragons kind of kid? Give him the gift of a medieval castle or an entire medieval village to build. You pick the age level and subject matter. Lego is sure to be a hit with your nephew that easily equates to the perfect birthday, Holiday, or ‘just because’ gift.

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Encourage your nephew’s artistic side with a make-your-own comic book. Comic books are a classic, fueling the young minds of both girls and boys, introducing them to the beloved world of superheroes, and encouraging them to imagine themselves as champions of justice and truth. Now, you can also use comic books to encourage your nephew’s artistic side, with the gift of a make-your-own comic book. These art publications give them everything they need to create their own comic book world of superheroes and villains. The kit provides a cover page, story pages, and tools such as colored pencils. The coolest part? Your nephew can send his drawings in and receive a professionally printed comic book back, along with his name (and picture!) as the author. COMICS

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FISHING GEAR Set your nephew up for quality time together with fishing tools for kids. Love to fish? Want to spend quality time with your nephew? Get him fishing tools specifically designed for kids. For instance, get him a fishing starter kit with a child-sized rod and tackle box (filled with some kid-friendly lures). You can also find tangle-free rods for kids, and even rods that come with a plastic fish so even the smallest boys can feel the thrill of learning how to reel in a fishy catch. To truly turn this into a gift your nephew will be ecstatic over, add a fishing license to your favorite fishing spot, and set up a day to catch some fish, shoot the breeze (and maybe even have a fish dinner after). The quality time together will be as much of a present as the actual fishing rod and tackle box themselves.

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JOKES Give a book of jokes to your nephew who loves to make people laugh. If you find yourself related to the class clown, a book of jokes might make the “Ideal gifts your nephew is bound to be ecstatic over” list. They don’t even have to be good jokes. A book of knock-knock jokes (or even the 1001 Really Stupid Jokes) are sure to elicit good natured groans, if not outright guffaws. Also consider joke-a-day books, best jokes for kids’ books, and even spooky joke books. Just make sure the book you get is appropriate for the age of your nephew, or this gift your nephew is bound to be ecstatic over might end up being the “hard to understand” or “boring as heck” gift for nephews.

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TOOLS Buy kid-friendly tools for your nephew who loves to build and explore. High quality plastic and toy tool sets are common for young ones. But as your nephew grows bigger, how will he learn to use the real deal? Tools tailor-made just for kids will help him out. For example, the Black and Decker Junior boasts a set of kid-friendly tools that work. Combine them with a real tool belt and/or tool kit, and take your nephew out to spend quality time together on a building project. Not only will you become the most sought-after aunt or uncle ever, but you’ll have the opportunity to bond as you put together something meaningful. These are just a few ideas for gifts your nephew is bound to be ecstatic over. The options are almost limitless. If you want to find a gift your nephew will undeniably be ecstatic over, you can rarely go wrong with science kits, themed Lego sets, comic books, fishing tools, joke books, or tool kits. But, if you need more gift ideas (and help), let Occasion Station know. We can find gifts that fit the personality, interests, and age of your nephew, all within your budget. And we can even wrap and ship it too, so you always remain the suavest aunt or uncle around.

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