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www.urathanesolutions.com.au/underpinning-melbourne Underpinning Melbourne Services

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Are you located in Victoria?

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We service the entire state with our chemical underpinning services.

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Urathane Solutions’ underpinning Melbourne specialists use unique, patented keyhole solution which allows us to displace unwanted, water reactive soil with a lightweight, high load capacity material, without the need for digging or earth moving equipment.

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We create solid foundations to stabilise your structure or surface from the ground up, often coming in to repair sloppy work that is half done, failed or didn’t work by other would-be competitors and companies.

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Don’t use traditional underpinning when it can be costly, messy and cause disruption.

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In addition to our already extensive expertise in traditional underpinning, re-blocks, piers and piles, we have researched, developed and patented a modern geochemical keyhole ground engineering solution for water reactive and clay soils.

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Chemical Underpinning is the preferred choice as we use non-invasive, patented geo-polyurethane resin injection technology,

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Contact Urathane Solutions today for a no-obligation inspection.

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Find out how we can restore your home, building or surface, making it stable, durable and safe Find more here: http://www.urathanesolutions.com.au/ /underpinning-melbourne/

Summary: We fix structural problems, including lifting, re-levelling and re-supporting homes, factories, warehouses and commercial buildings. Find more here: http://www.urathanesolutions.com.au/underpinning-melbourne/

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