Web Development Bundle - Pick Your Favorites


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Web Development Bundle: Pick Your Favorites

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Benefits of taking this bundle: Quality Content. Fun learning with a professional instructor. 10 Courses in just one bundle. Biggest deal ever!

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“There are various development techniques that a person must learn before initiating their skills. This bundle will let you pick your favorite courses out of the given bundles. This can be a great start to your web development career”.

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Learn HTML5 and CSS3: Build Modern Responsive Websites HTML is a HyperText Markup Language used to structure the content and CSS is a cascading style sheet used to style the appearance of the content. Both play their major role in their fields. HTML5 is the fifth and current version of HTML, whereas CSS3 is the 3rd latest version of cascade style sheet. Learn to build responsive websites in this course.

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Learn Angular 2 and 4 along with NodeJS Angular is famous as the most popular JavaScript framework used for building mobile and desktop applications and makes it easy to build applications with the web. NodeJS is a server framework which is free and can be run on platforms like Windows, Linux, Unix etc. You can build backend and frontend frameworks by learning this course.

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A Complete Guide to Vue 2 Vue is known is one of the most popular Javascript frameworks. It has been designed to be adaptable. Vue 5 can help you master as a frontend developer. Learning this frontend programming is the best way to add in your skill. This course will provide you a complete guide to VueJS 2.

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A Complete Bootstrap 4 Guide: Build Real-World Projects Bootstrap 4 is one of the most popular web front-end frameworks for building responsive websites and application. It provides an inbuilt component of HTML and CSS. Also includes an optional JavaScript Extension and it’s the latest version of the Bootstrap framework. Build 5 real-world projects along with the course.

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Learn SQL MySQL is one of the most powerful open source database server built which is capable of handling large database connection. Learn each and every aspect of SQL and database heavy lifting.

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The Beginner’s Guide to Electron The electron is an open-source framework simplifies the task of building complex desktop apps by eliminating hard part of coding and programming. It is a single-shared library and users can build Electron without any powerful machine. This course will provide you a complete beginner’s guide to the electron.

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Learn Angular 4: Front to Back Angular 4 is a prior version to the 5th. There are some major differences in the 4th version including its features such as it is smaller and faster, The new view engine etc. It is also known as the next logical version of Angular 2. This course offers you a complete guide to Angular 4 with a little-required knowledge of HTML and JavaScript and you can build an advance application with the use of firebase integration.

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Learn Redis: A Complete Guide to Developers Redis implements a distributed in-memory key value is an open source in-memory database. It stores with an optional durability and supports many different kinds of abstract data structures such as maps, list, strings etc. Learn all about Redis in this course.

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Learn Ruby Programming Ruby is an object-oriented, dynamic and general-purpose programming language. Great games can be designed and developed using Ruby. Learn and develop 2D spaceship game using Gosu library. Learn advanced concepts of Ruby in this course.

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Learn Laravel: Build 10 Real-World Projects Laravel with syntax is a web application framework. It makes routing, caching, authentication and sessions easy while developing a web project. It provides powerful tools to develop applications. Learning laravel by building 10 real-world projects is a must to master the skill.

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Thank You Happy Learning! :)

Summary: Your learning, your way. Design your own Web Development Bundle by choosing any 10 courses of your choice!

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