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Troubleshoot Chromecast home screen Issue Call toll free at 1-800-322-2590

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Chromecast comsetup As we all are aware of this little but powerful streaming device, if you want to stream your favorite content then you go with an ideal option of Chromcast. All you need to is just Download Chromecast app and enjoy your favorite shows plus motion pictures. Those who are new to this device can navigate to www Google Com Chromecast Setup if they want to grab some genuine directions of setting up

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Google Chromecast setup As we know one side if people are enjoying the functionality and aspects of this device then on other hand many people are also scuffling with several technical errors. If you’re one of them, those who unable to see the Chromecast home screen on your television, then we have some facile steps for you. Follow these simple steps or simply you can take Chromecast Help by getting in touch with professionals.

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www Chromecast com setup Your television is tuned to the similar numbered HDMI input to which you linked your streaming device. On most remotes, this can be done with an Input, Source or Menu button. You may have to cycle via a few minutes before finding the accurate one (e.g. PC, VCA, Video, HDMI 1, HDMI 2, etc.)

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Chromecast Support You have plugged the Mini-USB end of the counted USB cable into your streaming as you can seeing on the diagram below. The USB’s end cable is tightly attached to a powered USB port on your TV or into the adapter included in your box.

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The light on your Chromecast glowing or blinking, which means power. If you still unable to catch the Chromecast home screen on your television, try your other HDMI ports of your television. If you saw your Chromecast loading screen (‘Chromecast’ with a Chrome logo, which is spinning) but the home screen is black, you could be scuffling with an HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) with your television. This trouble is facilely resolved by rebooting your TV. Turn your TV off, unplug it, turn everything black on and retry.

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www Chromecast com setup When you power on the streaming device and you notices a black or just a few colored dots, the reset button may be stuck. The Chromecast hold sonly one reset button. In this case, you need to unplug power from the Chromecast and pressing the reset button for few times to unstick it.

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Once you find that button is working, you should feel it click in when you make a press on it and bounce back when you release it. Once the button of reset is loose, you need to Chromecast Setup normally: plug it into HDMI port of television and link the power cable.

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Thank you So, these are some facile steps you can try, and still, if you see no change in your trouble then you need to contact the professionals and experts. For Any Query or Information Visit at www.googlecastblog.com

Summary: Are you a Chromecast user and facing the error in which you unable to see the Chromecast home screen on your television?

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