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“Where our passion and commitment to your success is our purpose”

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Introduction Strativity is a global experience design and transformation firm that cultivates purposeful relationships between your brand and your customers by unlocking your organization’s true potential. Whether you are in need of customer experience design, employee engagement, culture design, or organizational change management, Strativity has the experience, expertise, and track record that delivers results.

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About us At Strativity, we define an exceptional experience as a differentiated customer promise that is delivered consistently at each touchpoint along the customer journey. Designing exceptional customer experiences requires you to understand the challenges that must be overcome to meet both your customers’ needs, as well as overcoming the challenges of your employees to deliver the experience.

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Who we are The people at Strativity are united by passion and guided by a proprietary human-centered methodology to unlock exceptional organizational performance that builds customer loyalty and advocacy. We take a holistic approach to Customer Experience Design & Transformation that fosters deep, profound cultural changes, supporting both the experience of your customers and employees and the profitability of your business.

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What we believe Strativity’s customer-centered design methodologies optimize your customer experience by seeing the world through eyes of both your employees and customers. The customer experience – both physical and digital – begins the moment someone is exposed to your brand and can extend through their entire lifetime depending on the memories you have created from their experience – both as an employee and customer. Satisfying and exceeding both the functional and emotional needs, values, and aspirations of your customers and employees cultivates brand love, advocacy, and loyalty… Read more

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What we Do Strativity provides both full transformations as well as à la carte advisory services. We can customize a program for you to satisfy both your short-term business needs while laying the foundation for long-term growth and sustainability. Allow us the opportunity to show you how you can unlock exceptional to.

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How we Do it Delivering exceptional customer experiences is achieved through exceptional performance – both individually and collectively. Collective action across your organization is required to create a sustainable customer-centric culture. Strativity’s Exceptional Performance model will provide… Read more

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Reach us here… Strativity Group, Inc. 401 Hackensack Ave 8th Fl Hackensack, NJ 07601 +1 201 808 8500 Follow us on: Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Youtube

Summary: We are expert analysts, insightful strategists, and action-oriented consultants, committed to achieving your customer experience goals and desired outcomes.

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