Discover the Varieties of Modular Umbrellas at Street Umbrellas Australia


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Who We Are… Street Umbrellas Australia is one of Australia’s leading commercial umbrella suppliers, offering architects and designers with smart solutions to help them feed Australia’s healthy obsession with “The Open Air Culture”. Our service offering includes: Manufacturing Design & Engineering Installation Contracting Project Management Building Material Supplier At the heart of our approach is our customers & for us innovation simply needs to equate into a change that in return adds value for our customers.

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Our focus upon design lies in its potentials for architectural expression and experience. Our preference is to design systems with the integrity of structure implicit. This means contemplating structure at the beginning of the design process and considering how it can solve problems, what role it might play in determining form, and how it could complete the entire experience of a well designed outdoor living & meeting place environment.

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Modular Umbrellas The Modular Umbrella Range by SUA incorporates eye-catching designs with unmatched functionality, each model can be configured for continuous cover and is the ideal solution for larger commercial outdoor spaces. The Modular range comprises of three series : Conical Series  Hyper Series Inverted Series

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Conical Series The Street Umbrella Australia (SUA) Conical Series – Modular Umbrella Range is very similar to the Architectural Umbrellas, however they are modular in design & are non-collapsible (fixed membranes), they also can be designed for higher wind speeds (elevated outdoor spaces). The Conical Series is a smart & cost effective alternative to custom designed membranes  & are ideal for all commercial projects.

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Hyper Series The Street Umbrellas Australia (SUA) Hyper Series Modular Umbrella Range (Hyperbolic canopy shape with centre column) is modular in design and is square in plan. The Hyper Series is customisable to any shape by utilising multiple units together as one continuous membrane. The SUA Hyper Series Modular Umbrella is very popular for market areas, walkway cover, aquatic centres, theme parks, commercial breakout areas, airports, shopping centres, educational type projects.

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Inverted Series The Street Umbrellas Australia (SUA) Inverted Series Modular Umbrella Range (inverted canopy with fixed membrane) is modular in design and is square in plan. The Inverted Series is customisable to any size or shape and they are designed to any wind speed. The SUA Inverted Series Modular Umbrellas are very popular for all market areas, streetscape projects, theme parks, airports and sporting venues.

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Membrane Structures Street Umbrellas Australia’s Architectural and Modular Umbrella Ranges are tensile fabric structures that are available in a range of shapes and sizes, membrane structures materials including PVC and UV stabilised, as well as collapsible, portable and modular units with color and branding potential.

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Our project experience:–   This means that you will be partnering with a industry leader in architectural membrane structures, we pride ourselves on the fact we constantly deliver award winning project outcomes for our clients.

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ll Our Fabrics:– We start with a cost effective alternative to traditional roofing systems and this is a high grade architectural PVC fabric that we can utilise multiple sheets of fabric and fuse (weld) them together in a process known as weldable seam technology, larger spans can be achieved without loosing the integrity of the yarn. The latest in fabric technology is ETFE (Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene) membrane it is even more durable and highly transparent, it is lightweight in comparison to typical glass structures. ETFE is currently considered the material of choice for larger free-span structures & building facades internationally.

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Contact Us Sydney Office 2 / 410 Pittwater Road North Manly NSW 2100 Australia 1300-49-74-39 Email: Website:

Summary: The Modular Umbrella Range by SUA incorporates eye-catching designs with unmatched functionality, each model can be configured for continuous cover and is the ideal solution for larger commercial outdoor spaces.

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