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- IQ ONLINE TRAINING Data Science tutorial for beginner level and advanced level | Data Science projects

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What is Data Science? Data Science is, additionally known as data-driven science. It is an interdisciplinary area approximately about scientific methods, processes, and structures to extract the data or insights from statistics in diverse forms, structured or unstructured, similar to data mining.

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Data Science Levels In choosing what to start with, the dataset has been divided into 3 levels: 1. Beginner Level: The newbie degree comprises of knowledge sets that can be with no trouble labored with and doesn’t want any data set technique that is problematic in nature. 2. Intermediate level: The intermediate level has tougher data analytics initiatives which consist of mid and big data units that require excellent potential in pattern attention. 3. Advanced Level: The advanced degree is suitable for those who have to comprehend in evolved themes similar to deep studying, recommender techniques and way more.

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Beginner Level Data Science Projects 1. Iris Data Set 2. Titanic Data Set 3. Boston Housing Data Set 4. Bigmart Sales Data Set 5. Loan Prediction Data Set

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1. IRIS Data Set This is presumed to be the most versatile, resourceful and easy dataset in pattern recognition literature. Its data has only 150 rows and 4 columns.

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2. Titanic Data Set This is a very versatile dataset in having so many help guides and tutorials, in the global data science community.

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3. Boston Housing Data Set This data set is popularly used in pattern recognition literature and originates from the real estate industry in Boston, USA. Also a regression problem, its data has 506 rows and 14 columns. It is a small data set giving the opportunity to attempt any technique and not worrying about any memory issue on computer.

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4. Bigmart Sales Data Set One industry known to extensively use analytics in optimizing business processes is retail. Various tasks such as inventory management, product placement, product building, customized offers, etc. are properly carried out using data science techniques. The data comprises of 8523 rows and 12 variables.

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5. Loan Prediction Data Set Insurance, among all industries, is known to have largest use data science methods and analytics. You are provided with enough information to work on data sets of insurance companies, the challenges to be faced, strategies to be used, the variables that would influence the outcome, and many others. It has a classification problem with 615 rows and 13 columns.

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Intermediate Level Data Science Projects 1. Million Song Data Set 2. Movie Lens Data Set 3. Trip History Data Set 4. Census Income Data Set 5. Text Mining Data Set

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1. Million Song Data Set You might not be aware of the fact analytics is used in the entertainment industry as well. It is a regression problem which consists 515345 observations and 90 variables. On the other hand, it is just a tiny subset of its million song data original database.

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2. Movie Lens Data Set Movie Lens Data Set gives you the opportunity to build a recommendation engine. If you aren’t aware, it is known to be the most popular and quoted data set in the data science industry. It comes in different dimensions and has over a million ratings from 6000 users on more than 4000 movies.

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3. Trip History Data Set Coming from a bike sharing service in the US, it requires you to utilize your skills in pro data munging. It is a classification problem with each file having 7 columns and it is provided quarter-wise from 2010.

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4. Census Income Data Set Census Income Data Set is a classic machine learning problem and an imbalanced classification. Machine learning is known to be extensively used for solving imbalanced problems like fraud detection, cancer detection, etc. This dataset has 48842 rows and 14 columns.

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5. Text Mining Data Set This data set is originally from Siam competition 2007. The dataset comprises of aviation safety reports describing the problems which occurred in certain flights. It is a multi-classification, high dimensional problem. It has 21519 rows and 30438 columns.

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Advanced Level Data Science Projects 1. KDD 1999 Data Set 2. Chicago Crime Data Set 3. Yelp Data Set 4. Identify your Digits Data Set 5. Image-Net Data Set

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1. KDD 1999 Data Set KDD originally brought the idea of the data mining competition to the whole world. It has been of very good use for a long time thereby providing a very enriching experience. It poses a classification kind of problem having 4M rows and 48 columns in a 1.2GB file.

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2. Chicago Crime Data Set Data scientists nowadays are expected to handle very large volumes of data sets because companies no longer want to work on samples but use full data. Such data set will give you the necessary experience needed to handle such large datasets on any local machines you use.

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3. Yelp Data Set This data set is known to be a part of round 8 of the Yelp Dataset Challenge comprising of almost 200,000 images, within 3 JSON files of 2GB.

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4. Identify your Digits Data Set Study, analyze and recognize elements in images from this dataset. It is very similar to how the camera lens detects faces by making use of image recognition. Build and test this technique; known to be a digit recognition problem. It has 7000 images with 28 X 28 size making it 31MB sizing.

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5. Image-Net Data Set This dataset offers various problems encompassing localization, object detection, screen praising and classification. With all its images freely available, you can look for any kind of image and create your project around it. For now, it has 14,197,122 images of various shapes with a size of 140GB.

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Summary: This is a complete tutorial to learn data science from beginner level to advanced level. Know about the projects that are deployed at each and every level. These are some of the examples of data set and why you should take them.

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