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About Blown Glass Collective First he heated the very point of the blowpipe, then snatched from nearby a chunk of bright glass and placed it skillfully within the hollow furnace. And the crystal as it tasted the heat of the fire was softened by the strokes of Hephaistos like…He blew in from his mouth a quick breath…like a man essaying the most delightful art of the flute. The glass received the force of his breath and became swollen out around itself like a sphere before it. It would receive another onslaught of the divine breath, for often, swinging it like an ox-herd his crook he would breathe into…

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Creating the Blown Glass Collective With Basil’s more than 30 years of experience in the design industry, there was a natural progression to  designing and selling more hand-blown glass pieces to clients. Hence, he brought his wife CaSandra on board to launch the Blown Glass Collective. CaSandra, who also has a background in design, shares the same passions as Basil. The husband-and-wife team, who have now moved to the east coast of Florida, originally worked for clients residing in Palm Beach. After receiving great feedback on their creations—from the design of each piece to the quality of the glass used—the couple decided to focus all their energies on the business.

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Blown Glass Chandeliers Natural glass has been around since the beginnings of time. Early on, historians believe cavemen used obsidian tools and tektites for cutting. Glass was officially created by Phoenician sailors. Ancient-Roman historian Pliny (AD 23-79) suggests shipwrecked sailors built fires on the beach to cook food. With extended heat, the sand would melt creating a hard glass. Potters from Egypt and Mesopotamia used this technique to build vases. The earliest fragments of these glass vases come from the 16th century Mesopotamia. Egypt also developed hollow glass technology during this time.

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Glass Making and More in Europe Glass making was virtually nonexistent in Europe during the dark ages. The Middle Ages focused on making stained glass windows for cathedrals and other gothic architecture. Most were used to depict Bible stories. Venice was in the process of becoming the center of the trade industry. The famous Venetian Glassmakers’ Guild was started in the early 1200’s. In 1291, they subsequently moved to Murano. It eliminated the fear of fires associated with the furnaces and allowed for greater control of the glassmaking industry. It took only an hour to paddle from Venice to Murano. As the industry was secretive, though, the glassblowers and their families didn’t leave the island.Today, Murano glass is still known around the world. It can be found in glasses, bowls, vases, and even jewelry. Any time you buy Murano glass now, you get a certificate of authenticity to differentiate between imitators and the real thing.

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Why Should You Purchase a Chandelier from Blown Glass Collective? Blown Glass Collective offers a unique opportunity to improve your aesthetic. You can choose from a range of colors, shapes, and designs. Some have more color or sparkle. Others are more modest. Whatever you choose from Blown Glass Collective, there are a few things you might notice. Blown Glass Collective Chandeliers Are Hand-Crafted Our unique chandeliers cannot be manufactured by machinery. Every piece has to be carefully designed and shaped. Craftsmen cut and shape each piece. This ensures ideal light refraction and amazing designs. Blown Glass Collective Chandeliers Are Full of History Blown glass chandeliers are a product of centuries of innovation and design. Glassblowing is an ancient art that has evolved from its original crude form to an advanced art. With blown glass, you can make any number of visions a reality. Professionals have experimented with different materials and techniques. This is how we achieve the range of designs we see now.

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Creating a custom landscape of wall plates or a ceiling in full bloom has never been easier. Simply choose from our large collection of styles, colors, and sizes - each made to order specifically for you!  Each plate comes with a metal mounting bracket and we require a minimum order of 20 pieces.  As with all hand blown glass art, there will be some natural variations to the color, patterns and shape of each piece - these unique characteristics are part of the inherent beauty of the medium.

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Blown Glass Collective 11327 Wingfoot Dr Boynton Beach, Florida 33437 33437 561-613-1464

Summary: Blown Glass Collective is a one stop destination for people looking for high quality blown glass items like chandeliers, attractive lighting solutions, sconces and so on. The company manufactures these items with immaculate precision and each piece is a work of wonder. Place your product order by calling on 561.613.1464. Browse through the site to check the collections.

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