5 Best Career Opportunities as a Counselor


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7 Best Career Opportunities As a Counselor Counselors provide guidance to individuals, couples, families or groups who are experiencing issues such as depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and failure in professional and personal life. They are trained and skilled in improving mental and emotional health of people through counseling. They are the perfect sources of emotional and psychological support for distressed people. If you love helping people and bring changes in their lives, a career as a counselor is what you must do.

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#1. Marriage and Family Counseling Marriage and family therapists are commonly called as MFTs or simply a family therapists. They are educated and licensed to diagnose and treat the real cause of altercation in families. To offer counseling, they conduct counseling session with each member of the family, and in a group. After listening to each family member, they plan and suggest remedies to overcome differences or settle disputes. For becoming an MFT, one should be trained well, both in traditional psychotherapy and family systems.

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#2. School Counseling Many schools have counselors who are highly trained and professional psychologists. These counselors collaborate with a team who looks after the students' mental, emotional, and psychological needs. They help students succeed in academic, social, emotional, and behavioral quotients. The roles and responsibilities of school counselor include collection and analysis of data, and monitoring students' progress.

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#3. Career Guidance Counseling In career guidance counseling, the counselor has to work with people of different ages, background, and professions. The major concerns which a career counselor comes across are choosing a career, career change, development in career and other issues related to the career. The primary goal of the career counselor is to help clients identify a profession that matches with their skills, experience, and interest. The factors which career guidance counselors consider while suggesting a career, are the aptitude skills, educational background, personality, and interest of the candidate.

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#4. Mental Health Counseling A mental health counselor has a wide range of responsibilities. After listening to the problems clients have in their lives, counselors plan therapies to cure mental illness. Few of the mental health counselors also work with clients who are not psychiatric patients, but need guidance for overcoming challenging events in life such as death of a beloved one, divorce or a breakup, depression or anxiety.

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#5. Recreation Counseling Recreational therapy is another interesting job role in the field of psychology. Recreation counselors are responsible for arranging treatment programs for the individuals who are suffering from mental illness, injury, disability or illness. Usually, the treatment programs include arts and crafts, drama, games, poetry, dance, music and sports activities. The main goal of such therapy is to help in preserving or improving clients' physical, emotional and social well-being.

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Summary: Counseling has now become one of the work profile in many professions like medical, school, career, etc. Refer this to know more about counselor job opportunities.

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