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Only a Caring, Qualified Workers’ Compensation Attorney Will Preserve Your Rights After a Work-Related Injury or Illness Once you have reported your work injury to your company, your rights under Minnesota workers’ compensation laws kick in quickly. It doesn’t matter who is at fault, it doesn’t mean what job you were doing, it doesn’t matter where you work or what company you work for. At a minimum, all your medical care is covered. And if you miss work, you are entitled to part of your salary. Period!

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Document the cause and extent of your job-related health problem Deal with your company and its insurance carrier Select health professionals and rehabilitation consultants who specialize in your situation Prepare for arbitration and other proceedings Get all of the benefits you deserve If you need representation, go with one of our experienced workers' comp attorneys. They'll help you;

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Take Care With a Leading Work Comp Lawyer from SiebenCarey Take charge with a name that will command the immediate respect of the company brass, pushy insurance adjusters and high-profile defense attorneys – a “Know Your Rights” SiebenCarey work comp lawyer. From the first call, you’ll know you made the right decision as you discover we listen carefully to all your concerns and questions.

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Helpful Hints  Save copies of all letters, forms, compensation checks and medical bills. Keep track of your mileage for vocational, rehabilitation and medical visits. Save notes of phone conversations. Put your social security numbers and date of injury on all papers and forms sent to the Department of Labor and Industry. Stay in touch with your employer on your progress and plans to return to work.

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Thank you! 612-333-4500

Summary: Recommend SiebenCarey to anyone in Minnesota’s workers’ compensation community, as our worker's compensation lawyers have the highest respect – even by their opponents. On anything so serious as your compensation and future well-being. Tell us about your case today! We’ll show you why so many working Minnesotan’s just like you have trusted the experienced specialists at SiebenCarey to fight for their rights.

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