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We are committed to sourcing the food that your dogs and cats will enjoy, while also providing the nutrition that enhances their health and well-being. We provide your pet with excellent nutrition for optimum health. The highest quality ingredients are blended together to make a great tasting formula your pet will love. Tel: (+65) 6742 2911 Email

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5 Super Foods For Cats You can always Buy Pet Foods in Singapore, but here you have some options to use as super foods for your cats. Cranberries: This berry is a cure for the major problems cats suffer from – Urinary tract infection. Oily fish: Cats and fish go hand in hand, or rather paw in mouth. Oily fish have omega 3 fatty acids that you must have heard so much about. Eggs: Eggs are probably the simplest and yet one of the best sources of all sorts of nutrition one can think of. Just like humans, cats can also have their share of eggs in their diet.

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5 PET FOODS TO AVOID FOR YOUR CAT Chocolates: We all have heard a million times how chocolate is harmful for a dog, but it is equally a dangerous thing to feed to your cat. It contains components like the bromine and methylxanthines which not only can cause over-weighting, diarrhea and other gastric problem Raw meat: Salmonella and E. coli are the common bacteria that are present in raw animal protein which lead to a number of internal problems Fat trimmings: Fat trimmings are probably ideal to slip under the table to your cat rubbing up against your feet trying to get some treats, but it is not healthy at all.  you can always fall back to Cat food in Singapore and buy cat food online from the best retailers to keep your cat playful and cheery.

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CONTACT US NOW Solid Gold Head Office:- 56 Tannery Lane, Singapore 347801 Telephone No: (+65) 6742 2911 Email ID:- Website:

Summary: Need delicious & high nutritional food for your pet? Solid Gold is one of the finest Online Pet Stores in Singapore. We provide a wide range of healthy pets products at affordable price.

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