Reflexologist Career Resources


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Reflexologist Career Resources

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Reflexology careers have been gaining in popularity for the past 25 years and continue to grow today. With the current wellness boom in the United States, reflexology has earned a place at the forefront of alternative therapies for its effectiveness in reducing stress and relieving a number of common health problems, including chronic pain, allergies and digestive issues. Today, practitioners of reflexology have the opportunity to make this rewarding field their full-time career. They may run private practices in their own homes, travel to client homes or work in chiropractic offices, fitness centers or salons where they deliver treatment and work on building a solid client base. Reflexology Education If a reflexology career interests you, finding the right reflexology school can make all the difference to your success. A reflexology program should provide not only the technical training you will need to do the job, but also fundamental business concepts and other essential aspects of the profession.

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Your reflexology course work should cover the following subjects: Reflexology history, theory and techniques Reflexology maps of the feet Anatomy and physiology How to customize sessions based on client-specific issues Ethics and professionalism Relevant business practices and marketing Supervised classroom or clinical work Tuition and Length of Study Reflexology school programs generally take between six and twelve months to complete and involve 150 to 300 hours of study combined with hands-on practice. Some schools offer online as well as traditional classroom programs to meet course work requirements. You can expect tuition for a reflexology education program to cost approximately $1,500 to $3,500. As part of your education, you will also need to purchase a massage table or reclining chair, which typically costs $200 to $500.

Summary: The health and wellness industry opens a great lot of opportunities for aspirants. In fact, you can enroll in a therapist course and land a lucrative job at a spa. You can try the popular reflexology courses Canada and learn from the impeccable training of hand and foot reflexology. Find out more about the courses now!

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