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PRESENT SIMPLE Saint Petersburg, Russia Lyceum№126 Semina I.D.

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We use Present Simple for … Повседневные, регулярно повторяющиеся действия Состояния или постоянные действия Законы природы, непреложные истины She often goes to the park on Sundays. We live in Saint Petersburg. The sun sets in the west.

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Time expressions every day/ week/ month/ year in the morning in the afternoon in the evening at night at the weekend on Monday/ Tuesdays … in winter/ spring/ summer/ autumn in January/ February … in 2018 always usually sometimes often seldom/ rarely never

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I We You You They He She It

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Spelling : 3rd person singular + s I like – He likes We read – She reads + es They dress – Ann dresses You go – It goes verbs ending in ss, sh, ch, x, o verbs ending in consonant + y 1) 2) 3) + ies I cry – The baby cries We fly – The bird flies

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Write the verbs in 3rd person singular: stop, take, brush, dry, do, play, box, come, watch, listen, fly, push, stay, cry, Check yourself:

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They do exercises. She does exercises.

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They do exercises. Does she do exercises? She does exercises. Yes, she does. Do they do exercises? Yes, they do.

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She doesn’t sleep. Does she sleep? No, she doesn’t. They don’t sleep. Do they sleep? No, they don’t.

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Do your best and keep learning! Irina Dmitrievna

Summary: For learners aged 7-10 years old

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