Engage Learning Activity: How to generate electricity using a lemon


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You need: an LED a copper coin 1 lemon a galvanized zinc nail 2 pieces of copper wire To do: 1. Place the sharp end of the nail into the lemon. 2. Make a 1 cm cut in the lemon and insert the copper coin halfway into the lemon. If a copper coin is not available, just insert one end of the copper wire. 3. Wrap one end of each wire to the leads coming off the LED. 4. Wrap the other end of one of the wires around the nail. 5. Touch the end of the other wire to the coin. What happens: The LED lights up. But why? The lemon does not really store electricity. Instead, a chemical reaction between the zinc nail and the lemon’s juice takes place. This reaction releases two electrons from the zinc atoms. The electrons flow, making electricity that lights the LED. Diagram: START-UP MEDIA PVT LTD See a lemon battery set a world record.

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Summary: With this simple activity from Engage Learning Magazine you can generate electricity using an lemon in 5 simple steps. You can scan the included QR code to see a lemon battery set a world record.

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