Healthcare Application Development By Custom Soft


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Healthcare Application Development By Custom Soft

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About Us: We have Designed and developed highly customize mobile and web applications. We have 8+ years of experience of working with Healthcare industry. We have provided integrated business application software for small and medium sized Healthcare businesses from all over the world. We provide one stop solution for healthcare industry. We have 100+ applications developed till date, 2500+actual users of healthcare applications. We assure 100% client satisfaction and 100% ROI.

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Our Team We have team of 50+ Experts which involve Mobile and Web application Developers, Testers, Business analyst, Project managers and few others . Our Team has good understanding about Healthcare Industry, they understand importance of applications in healthcare industry . Our Process We believe in providing more personalized user experience to turn the complex functionality into a simple. Our work Process includes: Problem Solving And realistic Consulting Customize Project Execution Approach Responsive while Development Process Modified and Easy Development Project Status Tracking Timely Execution 100% Privacy Policy Post Production Support

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Clients Testimonials "They have good understanding about Healthcare industry they have given appropriate suggestions at various stages of the project that saved cost. When it comes to delivering, they were always ahead of time. ” John G. (Leading Hospital, USA,IT head) “Best development teams I’ve worked with. The quality of work is excellent and their communication skills are top notch. I highly recommend this development team and will be looking forward to working with them again! ” David M. Healthcare IT Application Consultant, Australia

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List of Actual Users of Our Healthcare Application Users We have been working with many healthcare professionals from last 8+Years from all parts of World. Personal practitioners : a)Doctors b) Physicians c) Skin care specialist and surgeons d) Child care specialists e) Dentists and many more. Multi Specialty hospitals Group of practitioners Small and medium size hospitals Clinics.

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Our Services Customize Healthcare Application Design and Development Healthcare Future Application Design and Development Healthcare Mobile Application Development Healthcare Mobile App Designing Healthcare Web Application Development Healthcare Website or Application Enhancement, Redesign, Redevelopment Healthcare application maintenance services Healthcare Website or Application Testing/Quality analysis

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Our Healthcare Applications Expertis 1)EMR Software Systems We have developed EMR system to offer various healthcare process management services, our systems represent all the various aspects within a medical practice that work as a whole to form a functioning system that more effectively cares for patients and benefits the medical practice. List Of features: Patient Information Appointment Scheduler Medical Billing Document and History Management Patients All Reports Reports with the Progress Notes Assist to the physician Lab Orders Integrations with other applications

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1)EMR Software Systems List of Benefits: Track patient’s data over time. Improve overall quality of care in a practice. It helps to improved diagnosis and treatment. Reduce errors in records. It enables care and faster decision makings. Helps to improve bottom line of the healthcare practice. Advanced e-Prescribing and clinical documentation capabilities.   Client Speak : “It is best EMR practice for our organization, We have got 80% boost in revenue.” Garry Peterson Owner Leading clinic,USA.

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1)EMR Software Systems List of Our Other EMR Applications: Allergy EMR Software Anesthesia EMR Software Cardiology EMR Software Dermatology EMR Software Family Practice EMR Software Gastroenterology EMR Software iPad EMR Software Nephrology EMR Software Neurology EMR Software Optometry EMR Software Orthopedic EMR Software Pain Management EMR Software Pediatric EMR Software Podiatry EMR Software Psychiatry EMR Software Substance Abuse EMR Software Urgent Care EMR Software Urology/ Oncology EMR Software

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2) Clinic Management Systems We provide highly customize solution which helpful to healthcare experts to increase clinical efficiency, allow doctors/nurses and other practitioners to spend more time with patients and less time with paperwork. List of Features: Supports Single to Multiple Clinics Multiple password protection and security checking Appointments Booking & Calendar Management Dispensing, Billing and Label/Invoice/Receipt Printing Patient’s clinical data, history and records library User Defined Treatment Package

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2) Clinic Management Systems List of Benefits: Covers all large and small modules and allows sharing and transfer of data amongst them Customizable for all healthcare setups. Customized to meet changing requirements to gauge areas of improvement and conform to mandatory regulations. Printing reports. Immensely end user friendly. Client Speak: “We've been working together more than 4 years now and it is has been a very positive experience for me and my company.” - Janice glory Leading healthcare company, (USA) IT head

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3)Pathology Lab Management system We Provide Pathology Lab Management system, which has functionality to help users by receiving online request from doctors and laboratory persons to create and work on the request. Features of our Pathology Lab Management system: Manage efficiently patient’s medical tests Examination and commercial reports Management activities of a pathology department. Easily access data Deliver accurate test and examination reports

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3)Pathology Lab Management System Benefits of our Pathology Lab Management system: Easy & Customizable Data Entry forms Paperless Record Keeping User Friendly System Easy Information Sharing Flexible Reporting System Complete Data Security with authorization Helps to run entire Hospital’s functions smoothly   Client speak   “Best customization on all modules, Medical transcription and impact analysis is my personal favorite.” Dolly Grey IT Manager, Leading hospital, Australia.

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4)Online Appointment Booking Mobile App Our application helps management in Manage your staff, services, resources, events, appointments, confirmations and reminders all through a simple admin dashboard. List of Feature: Setup custom availability, appointment duration Unique system for manage classes, courses or events Attract new customers, manage existing ones Reduce no-shows and improve efficiency and retention Suite of marketing, communication, social and data analysis tools.

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4)Online Appointment Booking Mobile App List of Benefits Fits many different online scheduling needs Accept online appointments for your business Allow students to sign up for a class online Put Your Appointment Calendar Online in Minutes Sign up for an account, the basic version is free Build your schedule by simply picking options from a web page Client Speak: “Appointment booking application gets us closure to our goal of being able to aggregate meaningful, real time and contextual patient information.” John Erickson Leading healthcare Practitioner, Canada

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5)Healthcare Practice Management Software Our custom medical practice management software to match the healthcare organization’s needs. It acted as a common platform for both healthcare and practice management by incorporating the necessary features into its business model. List of Feature: Easy and intuitive interface for patients and practitioners Accounting and claims management for various insurance organizations Detailed data analysis and workflow management for healthcare and safety practices for Patients. Electronic document management for handling various patient reports, invoices and transcripts

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5)Healthcare Practice Management Software List of Benefits: Claim management for various patients and practitioners Achieved better profitability through elimination of unproductive tasks Streamlined practice management, accounting management Easily scale the solution up/down as per the need Improved healthcare service performance due to automated workflow Client Speak: “This is trusted partner and always willing to help resolve the most complex of issues. The quality of the coding and in general work done has been very high. I would recommend them.” Johnson white, CTO Leading hospital USA

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6) Medical Claims Management Software We work with healthcare professionals to provide medical billing software solution for claims processing could handle every aspect of patient accounting including; electronic claims processing, payments & adjustments, patient statements and financial reporting. List of Feature: Custom Reporting Tool Multiple Fee Scheduling Total Password Protection Advanced Appointment Calendar Functions Credit Card Processing Memorized Transactions Professional Patient Billing & Insurance Billing

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6) Medical Claims Management Software List of Benefits: Improve the process of generating medical documentation This is an extension of the online Care Network to support Maintain claims validity compile information from the database accurately Client Speak: "Team has done superb job for us. They always got back to me right away and did the work quickly .We are thankful for their dedication and innovation .That has brought value in our business” - Jerry G., (CIO, Leading US)

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7) OPD management Application Development We help healthcare professionals with customized Web and Mobile application with different modules of Hospital Management software that comes handy in recording registration of patients, their history, staff records and billing.  List of Feature: Patients registration, treatments, billing Reporting with complete details of patient’s information.  Reduces your paper work and saves your time. Maintain various files and documenting everything.

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7) OPD management Application Development List of Benefits: Information Sharing Flexible Reporting System Complete Data Security with authorization A Centralized Patients record system Paperless Record Keeping Accessible with Doctors & other Staff Members Client Speak: “This is the best Practice to use OPD Management System, I Would recommend it for best of its modules and efficient response time” Kelly Helton Owner leading skin care hospital, USA

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8)Health Information Systems We work with healthcare organizations to automate the clinical workflow and provide instant access to patient’s demographic information, active medical problems, complete medical history, detailed results, medication, allergies and other information that’s vital for informed medical decision making. List of Feature: Able to exchange and make use of information. Multi-provider and multi-discipline computerized medical record Helps in informed medical decision making

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8)Health Information Systems List of Benefits: Health information and data Result management Order management Decision support Electronic communication and connectivity Patient support Client Speak: “I have worked with them using agile development methodologies which keep your budget under control and help understanding and communication. They complement this with great tools to keep track of your project. Highly recommended.” Jose Juan Echeverri Hospital management head, UK

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9) Healthcare DMS Software Every small and medium hospitals, clinics and self practitioners always deals with large no. of patient and other valuable data and here need of healthcare DMS arise. In very less time and to keep update with all kind of data management the document management system software solutions needed all over the world. List of Feature: Documents Storage Document's locking capability Document can be copied or moved within the same DMS. Document's properties Management Document versions Management Document templates Creation Enabled search by keyword input Auditing Facilities Management

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9) Healthcare DMS Software List of Benefits: Increased productivity Eliminates human error Reduces costs Improves patient care and satisfaction Increases security through audit trails Maintains regulatory compliance Easily integrates with existing systems Reduces the risk of damage Client Speak: Very responsive in working with us to develop the application and communicative in addressing the multiple bugs discovered through testing. Their contact person is friendly and understanding. Through extensive work, in the end we have a polished product and I recommend them. Wyster Denyel Leading healthcare group head ,USA

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10) Hospital Asset Management & Tracking Solutions Asset management, tracking solutions and Equipment management thus play an important role in hospital with optimized usage of materials and workforce and which ultimately streamline operations. Our application enables you to manage hospital machinery and equipment and track assets like machineries, small equipments, wheelchairs and mobile beds, which are moved often or used across departments or hospital floors. List of Feature: Help to maintain a complete digital database of all your hospital assets in one place. Help to search for a particular piece of equipment or a group of equipment and locate it Help to identify the assets which are due for periodic repair, or require replacement.

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10) Hospital Asset Management & Tracking Solutions List of Benefits: Save replacement cost Save time Easy to search Monitor and Streamline the process Client Speak “Great communication throughout the entire process. These guys know what they are doing and they do it well. Highly recommended .” Alex Roberts Wyster Denyel Leading hospital group head, USA

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11)Hospital Management Software Our best Hospital Management Software is composed of different modules and each module addresses a specific activity and facilitates patient care services. We assist in improving human resource management to help hospital acquire maximum value from the resources within the hospital. List of Feature: Effectively manage the resources Streamline and consolidating whole data efficiently.  Addresses a specific activity and facilitates patient care services Help hospital acquire maximum value from the resources within the hospital

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11)Hospital Management Software List of Benefits: Flexible for all healthcare setups. Customized to meet changing requirements to gauge areas of improvement and conform to mandatory regulations. Covers all large and small modules and allows sharing and transfer of data amongst them. Printing reports. Immensely end user friendly. Client Speak: “It is has been a very positive experience for me and my company. We have been a trusted partner and always willing to help resolve the most complex of issues. The quality of the coding and in general work done has been very high. I would recommend them.” - Joy glory Leading healthcare company, (USA) IT head

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12)Mobile Healthcare Application Development We have helped many Healthcare professionals with customize and professional applications. We assure our client a high quality software development by following ISO & CMM standards at low cost. List of Feature: Widen their current service offerings Reduce significant cost-savings in the industry Provide better on-going care to patients

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12)Mobile Healthcare Application Development List of Benefits: Improve patient experience Enhance patient engagement Improve internal communication efficiency Increase physician efficiency Client Speak: “This team is a trusted partner and always willing to help resolve the most complex of issues. I would recommend them.” - Maully Philippe, Leading healthcare company, (USA) IT head

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13) Mobile EMR -EHR App Mobile EMR/EHR application is useful for physicians, caretakers and patients. The application also allows patients to access their own information and medical records. This solution helps physicians to make better and faster decisions, enables collaboration, and thus improves healthcare services. List of Feature: Helps physicians to make better and faster decisions Enables collaboration, and thus improves healthcare services. Secure access to patient’s information using smartphones and tablets

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13) Mobile EMR -EHR App List of Benefits: Streamline workflow Improved care quality: Reduce cost Increased satisfaction Highly secure Client Speak: “Having a good design for the app is absolutely vital. I was EXTREMELY happy with the design work did on my app.” Brad Wales Leading Clinic Owner, UK

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14)Mobile Hospital Management Solutions We have the right combination of mobility expertise and industry knowledge on Healthcare to customize mobile applications using our in-house reusable components and integrate with any third party systems to provide maximum ROI. List of Features: Appointment Scheduling Medical Records Physician Access/Referral E-Prescribing Mobile Charge Capture Alerts for Health Maintenance

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14)Mobile Hospital Management Solutions List of Benefits: Improves Patient monitoring and management Helps Hospital Bed Management Workflow Management Lab results and clinical assistant Asset Management Clients Speak: “Team is flexible with the changes and was able to provide work above and beyond what we asked for. On several occasions we asked for additional work that was not originally agreed upon and performed this work in an exceptional manner.” Michael Fruzzetti (USA) Leading Hospital Head, UK

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Custom Soft’s other Healthcare Software Applications are Patient Portal Development Services Physician Engagement Solution Web Based EMR System Medical Staff Scheduling Mobile Software Mobile Application for Temporary Staffing in Healthcare Industry Healthcare HL7 Software integration Medical Billing and Coding Software Health Insurance Software

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Clients Rely on Custom Soft’s Healthcare Applications for We assure our clients 100% success in custom healthcare software development. Requirement understanding. Customization up to 100% Reliability. Technical expertise and Project management excellence. Faster ROI. On time delivery. Free service. Lowest cost.

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Numerical About our Healthcare Applications We have 100+ software's in the market. We have 2500+ actual users all over the world. Our applications help healthcare professionals to streamline 50-60% daily routine work. Our applications have helped healthcare operational management to reduce cost of daily operations by 85%. Reduce paper work by 80%. Increase revenue by 80-90% per year. Our Applications assure 100% Client satisfaction.

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Contact us For more Information about Customize application and free demo: You can visit our website @: Information about our healthcare services: Follow us on linkedin :

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Summary: CustomSoft developed various customized products in Healthcare sector. All products are well featured and user friendly

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