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Street Umbrellas Australia

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About Us Street Umbrellas Australia is one of Australia's leading commercial umbrella suppliers, offering architects and designers with smart solutions to help them feed Australia's healthy obsession with "The Open Air Culture". Street Umbrellas Australia set’s new benchmarks in the design & manufacture of high quality, architecturally designed Umbrellas & Custom Fabric Membrane Structures, ideal for all commercial projects. We have offices & distributors in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide & New Zealand.

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Our service offering includes: Manufacturing Design & Engineering Installation Contracting Project Management Building Material Supplier Our professional expertise covers the full spectrum of design, engineering, construction skills.  Our staff and systems are also highly mobile & this ensures the correct project team with the appropriate skills are assembled for each project. Street Umbrellas enjoys a very high retention rate and this is evidence that confirms our reputation as a leading manufacturer & supplier of Architectural and Modular Umbrellas that cares about & delivers on quality, design, innovation, engineering and development of our team. At the heart of our approach is our customers & for us innovation simply needs to equate into a change that in return adds value for our customers.

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Waterproof Umbrellas The Street Umbrellas Australia (SUA) Waterproof Umbrellas Range (Hyperbolic canopy shape with centre column) is modular in design and is square in plan.

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On the off chance that you are thinking about the advantages of the establishment of an open air umbrella in Australia at your cafe or restaurant , you are likely pondering what the points of interest are and what they can accomplish for your business. Having these umbrellas for an open air range can truly give many advantages. Understanding why you might need to give them to your clients can be a beginning stage for helping you to make an open air region that will help you to serve your visitors better and to furnish them with a shockingly better ordeal when they come to you for administration. Notwithstanding the sort of outside umbrella in Australia that you are keen on, you will discover when you start examining the alternatives accessible – each can give a business many favorable circumstances that will help them to make an unbelievable ordeal for their visitors. The advantages might be to secure against twist, shield from the rain, to give shade from the sun, or every one of the three.

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Portable Street Umbrellas Street Umbrellas Australia (SAU) Portable Street Umbrellas offers a square canopy shape with models ranging between 5.8sqm coverage upto 10sqm. Its wind handling capability is up to 80km/hr. Its frame is protected by way of Triplex paint system.

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Our focus upon design lies in its potentials for architectural expression and experience. Our preference is to design systems with the integrity of structure implicit. This means contemplating structure at the beginning of the design process and considering how it can solve problems, what role it might play in determining form, and how it could complete the entire experience of a well designed outdoor living & meeting place environment.

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Collapsible Umbrella Street Umbrellas Australia (SUA) latest collapsible umbrella range offers post-free under-canopy space, perfect for functions and events within the hospitality industry. Construction is comprised of 316 stainless steel cables & fittings, UV stabilised commercial grade PVC membrane, fully collapsible & very straightforward to install.

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Contact Us Sydney Office 2 / 410 Pittwater Road North Manly, New South Wales 2100 Australia 1300-49-74-39 Email: Website:

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Summary: Street Umbrellas Australia (SAU) Portable Series (centre support & Portable) Architectural Umbrella Range offers a square canopy shape with models ranging between 5.8sqm coverage upto 10sqm. Its wind handling capability is up to 80km/hr. Its frame is protected by way of Triplex paint system.

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