What Is The Best Design For Custom Business Cards


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What Is The Best Design For Custom Business Cards? There are so many options for custom business card material that it seems like brain surgery to pick the right one. The choices are overwhelming from plastics, foils, woods, plain, textured, perfumed, colored, etc. Here is a rundown of the most common designs: Laminated cards These are cards which are first printed and then sealed, usually on both sides with a sleek plastic laminate. They are plain and uncoated. The laminates offer several benefits such as protecting the card from external elements and giving a professional look. Laminated business cards are two types namely matt and glossy. The matt design is mostly applied to corporate cards because it is more elegant. The glossy laminate is more suitable for advertisement as it is more conspicuous e.g. a tradesman card.

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Do not confuse laminated card with the encapsulated card. The latter is made through a cheap printing process on a thin card which is then inserted into a plastic pouch. They are the thick plastic cards you normally see on the marketplaces. Encapsulated cards are best for membership. Laminated cards are very professional; they are of cutting-edge quality and appearance and that’s why they are more expensive to produce than encapsulated cards. Calendered card This is a business card that has been passed through several compression techniques to produce a smooth surface. The weight of a calendered card is about 200gms. You will find this design mostly in organizations that offer budget cards or free business cards. Be careful, however; some companies don’t publish the weight of the card.

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Coated cards These are cards which have gone through special treatment during production and have a glossy surface like satin but less reflective. In most cases, the cards are coated on one side only. As far as price is concerned, coated cards are relatively inexpensive. They are mostly used by businessmen who buy cards in bulk such as tradesmen, taxi operators, and hairdressers. But in terms of quality, they slack a bit. There are some high-quality cards which coated on both sides and are thicker than the standard ones. Textured cards Sometimes back textured cards used to be on fashion. The conqueror laid design is still used up to date they feature narrow ridges which make them feel thicker than they actually are. The real weight of a textured card is about 300 gms. The textured cards are widely used by legal professionals, event planners, and architects. However, when a company logo is embedded on a textured card, it doesn’t look as precise as it should on a smooth board. Some unique materials used for textured cards include parchment and

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Specialist cards Examples of specialist cards include credit cards, hot-foil printed cards, embossed cards, spot UV cards, die-cut cards, thermographic cards, and so on. There are even special cards made of wood! To know the right type of business card, you need to look into the style of your business first. If what you need is simply a quality card, you may go with the ivory board. Perhaps you want it to be more impressive in which case a matt laminated business card would suffice.

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If you want your business cards to look appealing and show your contacts that you care for your brand’s image then you should prefer a matt laminated card. If you are promoting your product using custom vinyl banners, you can complement the promotion with a quality art board.

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