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News Presented Differently There is no dearth of newspapers and news resources in India but most of them present events the way they want. Here is a news portal that looks and works differently. Get news from your perspective and the way you like to read it.

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No Dramatics – Just News Reported As It Happens Introducing VNI INDIA Here, you can get news the way it actually unfolds on the ground No theatrics, no exaggeration We present news in a simple but interesting form. Just the way you want it.`

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VNI INDIA Stands Apart We believe in accuracy not dramatics We believe in facts not fiction We believe in bringing to you the right perspective not manipulated versions That’s why VNI INDIA is trusted to the core by our dedicated readers, We put news before everything else

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An Opinion Generator The faith that our readers have in us has helped us emerge as a true opinion generator in the country We have a dedicated team of reporters that move real fast to bring news to you quickly and as it happens

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Our Mission VNI INDIA was created with the sole mission of bringing true and reliable news to you swiftly At VNI INDIA, compromise is an alien word We stick to facts and we are steadfastly committed to deliver the real facts to our valued readers.

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Get A Close-Up View Of Events Effortlessly It is your right to have a close and upfront view to local, national and international happenings. We are the window to the world events. You can trust VNI INDIA to provide you access to real news in a clear, unblemished form. What you read here is news in the rawest form.

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What We Cover VNI INDIA bring to you the latest happenings across every sector We cover: Politics Sports Environment Business Economics Technology Health Features And Many Other Topics

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Why VNI INDIA Is Fast-Becoming A Name To Reckon With We are the David among many Goliaths in the Indian News Sector However, that does not deter us or intimidate us from doing what we believe is right Our readers know we are focused on ethical reporting and committed to our principle of reporting news as it is.

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Quality And Reliability Are Our Key USPs We are 100% committed to maintaining the quality of news reporting that we are known for. We do not get swayed by popular opinions. We create our own after careful analysis of circumstances and situations You can rely on us for getting news fast and without diluting the reliability factor

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Where Impartial Reporting Is The Norm VNI INDIA is a name synonymous with a clear vision of India We have a responsibility of telling you the truth, regardless of how harsh it might be We are one of the few news agencies that still believe in the old school belief of impartial reporting.

Summary: VNI is an online news and feature portal engaged in digital media. This venture is completing almost three years of its existence, a small but important step in the grand media world. Besides regular news stories, we also provide news with a difference to our readers – this is our USP.

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