THE MIGHTY HUNTERS - Book 1 - 88 mb


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Summary: Jerry is your average 12 year old boy, with ordinary friends, but maybe a bit more curious than most. Today his curiosity will reach a level he has never experienced before. He lives in San Marcos, Texas. He and his friend Bob imagine themselves as being Mighty Hunters. Bob is also 12 years old and lives one street over. They are best friends and call themselves the two musketeers. One warm and cloudy spring afternoon Jerry is standing outside his house waiting for Bob to show up. He stares at the clouds and one of them looks like a big hand. As he continues to stare he notices that the shape of the other clouds change as the wind blows, but the hand doesn’t. His curiosity gets the best of him and he decides to be brave, as the mighty hunter he is, and yells out to see if he gets a response, doubting that he would. He’s quite surprised when an answer comes back, and shocked by the words he hears. Jerry is still in shock and starry-eyed when Bob shows up.

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