Top 5 Air Quality Apps In India


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Airvisual Airvisual app to provide real-time and forecast air pollution and weather data for more than 10,000 cities around the world.

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BreezoMeter BreezoMeter is an award winning, top rated Air Quality app. It is a fun, intuitive & professional way to get real time ambient air quality index, at your specific location, as simple as checking the weather.

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Prkruti Prkruti air quality app gives you the real-time air quality tracking by the standard AQI format with the unique colour code. App helps to identify the pureness of the air.

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Air Quality India Air Quality India application provides you with Real-time Air quality data from all across India. The data has been measured as per the standard norms are given by Central Pollution Control Board of India. 

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Plume Air Report Plume Air Report Global gives you real time pollution levels in your area, and forecasts of how air quality will evolve hour by hour over the next 24 hours—just like a weather forecast.

Summary: You can use these apps to check your location air quality. Also used for AQI calculation and Air quality index.

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