Activity Like Interactive Gumboot Dancing Adds Fun To Events.


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Organizing an event where guests will just gather to talk and have dinner before leaving is a BIG NO NO. Neither your guests will love it, nor will you find the enthusiasm for organizing an event again. That's why; you need some fun activities where everyone can participate, like - Interactive Gumboot Dancing! This article is on behalf of Drums and Rhythm. For those who are new to this type of dance, read on. And if you are looking to hire gumboot dancers, you can click the link available at a later section of this post.

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What is Gumboot Dancing? Gumboot dancing is a century-old tradition. It originated during the mining era of Johannesburg in South Africa. Miners, at that time, communicated with each other by stomping their feet and slapping their boots while digging and drilling hundreds of meters below the surface. Back at the township, where the miners lived, they used this technique to entertain each other which gave birth to the interactive gumboot dancing form. Dancers wearing gumboots create rhythms by slapping their boots and bodies, using voices and stamping their feet. This dance form also creates a visual rhythm that's both rhythmically unique as well as powerful.

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Why Connect With Drums and Rhythm For Adding Fun To Your Event? While there are many other interesting things to do in an event, you can't overlook the potential of rhythmic interaction. It is the best way to make people gather together and jovially enjoy the moves. A look at what you can expect with us can be of much help. Imagine yourself drumming and dancing with your fellows where everyone shows their ability to drum and dance as a part of the team. As I said earlier, Gumboot dancing was created in the mining era of Johannesburg to entertain each other. But its purpose was to celebrate free time in the shebeens (an informal licensed drinking place in a township) and social areas after the long hours of tiring hard work underground.

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How Does The Activity Work? Each member will dress alike along with a pair of gumboots with bottle top shakers. The entire team will do 45-minutes of Interactive Drumming and then another 45-minute of Interactive Gumboot Dancing. During the drumming session, each member will learn two basic rhythms, a break, and a traditional song. During the dance session, every participant will learn a traditionally choreographed gumboot dance and a mine-workers song. The activity will end on a high note boosting the enthusiasm and synergy of everyone. To simply say, Gumboot dance culminates into an event of drums and dance - an experience never to be forgotten.

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