Do Bluze Capsules Really Work to Last Longer in Bed?


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Losing erection fast or losing the shape and girth can indicate poor blood flow to the male reproductive organ. Men suffering from weak heart, diabetes, spinal injuries or low testosterone can suffer from poor control over erection. Anxiety, nervousness and oversensitivity are other causes for spontaneous emissions.

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Most ejaculatory functions are controlled by the serotonergic (5 -HT) and the dopaminergic neurons, and it involves other systems such as Cholinergic, Adrenergic, Galanergic, Oxytocinergic, Nitrergic and Gabaergic neurons. The speed of ejaculation is determined by 5- HT2C and 5-HT1A receptors. These are significant for enthusiasm and emotional well being.

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The response of partner is also significant to last longer in bed. Fear, anxiety and depression can reduce strength. Such emotional state can be biological or acquired problem, where the anxiety level is very high and the person feel nervous, or it can be acquired through other means such as lower urinary tract infections.

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Proper diet, exercising and natural erectile dysfunction pills e.g. Bluze Capsules can increase blood flow to the arteries. Do Bluze capsules really work? Antioxidants in herbs, fruits and vegetables help to restore elasticity of tissues to enhance blood circulation and signaling across the spinal cord.

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Proper blood circulation to the organ increases the size; alternatively, low blood flow results in narrowing or arteries and smaller size. Most herbs promote tissue relaxation to maximize blood flow to boost size. There are other reasons to get these pills for those concerned to know- Do Bluze capsules really work?

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Pueraria tuberosa in the capsules contains the bio chemicals Mangiferin having anti inflammatory activities. This is the herb which contains phyto constituent that can regulate angiogenesis. (Angiogenesis is the process where preexisting blood vessels branch out and distribute to exchange waste and oxygen to maintain the balance.)

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Most aging men suffer from illness because the body fails to produce choline, and they suffer liver problems, muscle breakdown and loss of memory due to choline deficiency. Brain requires choline to make acetylcholine - the messenger which is linked to reflexes -alertness, learning etc.

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Aging reduces oxidative metabolism & level of acetylcholine in brain but regular intake of capsules which contains Shilajit can inhibit the breakdown of acetylcholine and restore endocrine flow in reproductive organs to last longer in bed. A proper set of minerals and vitamins is required in every day diet to fight deficiencies of e.g. magnesium, proteins, zinc, vitamin D, which can be fulfilled by Shilajit.

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Kaunch and Ashwagandha can prevent monoamine deficiency (the deficiencies of serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine). Ashwagandha can prevent oversensitivity by altering sensitivity of 5HT receptors. Testosterone stays in bound and free form in body and the free testosterone T levels can be measured by saliva test.

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The test also provides information about the levels of DHEA, DHT, estrone, testosterone and progesterone. These body chemicals are interlinked and DHEA is believed to be a precursor of T, and sometimes, recommended to men with erectile difficulties but individually it can cause weird side effects.

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Herbal pills to last longer in bed can supplement these body chemicals to enhance control over male erectile functions.

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