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Tanks along an icy road in the Ardennes Forest during the Battle of the Bulge.

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An American patrol moves toward a smoldering German tank, with its crew still inside, Belgium, December 1944.

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An American soldier slogs through deep mud carrying ammunition to a waiting Sherman tank of 3rd Armored Division during the battle for control of the Stolberg area, Germany, 1944.

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Dead soldiers sprawled on a tank in northwest Europe, 1944.

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American soldiers of Patton's Third Army stand in front of their Sherman tank while rolling up a Nazi flag they have taken as a trophy after the capture of Bitburg, February 1945.

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A tank crew prepares a Sherman M4 for battle "somewhere in Germany," spring 1945.

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The body of a Japanese soldier lies in front of a smoldering Japanese tank -- mute testament to the savage nature of the fight for control of Saipan in 1944.

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An American tank crew rests in the town of Avranches, France, 1944.

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An American tank rolls over a Nazi banner laid out in the street after its crew helped take the town of Lembach, spring 1945.

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American soldier Julian Patrick from Kentucky, member of the U.S. 3rd Armored Division, killed in action inside his tank, March 6, 1945.

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Dead soldiers sprawled on a tank in northwest Europe, 1944.

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American M4 Sherman tank bogged down in the mud near Miturno during the campaign to drive German forces from Italy, 1944.

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American soldiers widen dirt road near Minturno, Italy, 1944.

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An American tank races along during desert fighting between U.S. and German forces in the El Guettar Valley, North Africa, 1943.

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American sergeant stands guard beside a German-dug tank trap, Normandy, summer 1944.

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A young German boy sits beside the road as a tank of the U.S. 9th Armored Division passes through his village on its way to Berlin, spring 1945.

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Villagers chat with American soldiers after being freed from Japanese occupation while Sherman tanks of the 1st Cavalry Division follow the retreating enemy, Philippines, October 1944.

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American tank crew checks its map in Normandy, 1944.

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American GIs inspect an overturned German tank, after it toppled into a crater made by a bomb dropped right in front of it by an Allied plane, December 1944.

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American soldiers aboard a tank in a snow-covered Ardennes field, Battle of the Bulge, December 1944.

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American infantrymen, left behind to mop up last stronghold of Nazis in Falaise Gap area of northwestern France, line up in front of wrecked German tank with a captured swastika flag, 1944.

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