How can you Manage and Control Negative Thoughts?


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How can you Manage and Control Negative Thoughts and Emotions? Dr. Arvinder Singh

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Emotions Are Temporary States Of Mind, Do Not Let Them Permanently Destroy You.

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Researchers have analysed that emotions have a major impact on our well being. Positive emotions have good impact on our body on the other side negative emotions have bad impact on our body Impact of Negative Emotions or Negative Thoughts on Body

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We should learn to manage and control negative thoughts and emotions to live happy and stress free life. Suppose your father has scolded you for your mistake and you are constantly thinking why your father has scolded you. In that way you may create trouble for your health by thinking too much about a bad incident. Hence you should learn how you can control negative thoughts.

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Negative emotions make our life miserable and difficult. We often feel stressed or depressed when we are sad, angry or frustrated. Stress, depression, uncontrollable anger, etc. are some common emotional problems and many persons are struggling with these problems. How Do Negative Emotions Make Our Life Unpleasant?

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The body releases cortisol hormone when we feel stressed. Some serious problems we face due to negative emotions are a headache, irritation, insomnia, excessive tiredness, breathing problems, stomach problems, low immunity, weak memory, learning disability, etc. Understand How Negative Emotions Affect Our Health

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We can live happy life if we can convert negative emotions or negative thoughts in positive. It is game of “acceptance and non acceptance”. There is simple science that works behind creation of positive and negative emotions. How to Control Negative Thoughts and Emotions?

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Example 1: When a person is doing something in a way in which we do not want it to be done and we do not agree to accept it, we become anxious. On the other side, if we are ready to accept it, we remain tolerant. How Does Acceptance or Non Acceptance play an Important Role?

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Example 2: When someone has something which we do not have and we are not ready to accept it, obviously we will become jealous. If we accept that we do not have the thing and we should work hard with dedication to achieve it. By this we can control negative thoughts and we get inspired and surely we can also reach to the level by putting right efforts. How Does Acceptance or Non Acceptance play an Important Role?

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Example 3: If someone has emotionally hurt us and we are not ready to accept it. We are constantly thinking how did the person hurt us then hatred feeling is developed in us. However, even though the person hurt us and we are able to accept it then we can control negative thoughts. This also helps us in forgiving the person. How Does Acceptance or Non Acceptance play an Important Role?

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Hence, we can understand that it is not about “someone” or “something” that makes us feel positive or negative. It is all about our “acceptance” or “non-acceptance”.

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However, we know that the task will not be easy for many of you. Hence, you can take help from Dr. Arvinder Singh who is postgraduate medical doctor. Dr. Singh has introduced EmotioHeights training program which helps to make people emotionally strong so that they can face any diverse situation easily. How to Get Emotional Mastery?

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Summary: Negative Emotions and negative thoughts are the most harmful for people. Dr Arvinder Singh (Emotional Intelligence Trainer) has introduced EmotioHeights training program to teach emotional management skill to people. With the help of this training, people can easily control negative thoughts and can live life happily.

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