Rule 7 Batting


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Runner> Runner closest to home is out, with defense, batter is out. Thrown ball, ball is dead and runner closest to home is out. No play, return runners to last base touched

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Rule 7 - Batting

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Rule 7 Batting

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ON DECK BATTER Maximum Bats (2) Interferes 1) On a Runner 2) Defense Fly Ball 3)Thrown Ball On Deck Circle Closest to home Batter Out Dead Ball, closest to home out if play possible

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Fran 1st Eva 1st Jill Comes to bat A ball is thrown to Jill Defense Appeals RULING a. Fran Bats with 1-0 Count Eva Jill B B

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Gina K Eva strikes out Jill Comes to bat Jill grounds out Defense Appeals RULING Fran is out Jill’s out does NOT stand Gina Bats Eva Jill B B O O

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Dawn Amy on 2nd Betty on 1st Eva Bats Eva grounds to SS Amy to 3rd Betty Out at 2nd Eva Safe at 1st Defense Appeals RULING Amy back to 2nd Betty Stays Out Casey Out Dawn Bats Out Eva B Amy Betty Amy B 2nd 1st 3rd 1st 2nd Out Out

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BATTING OUT OF ORDER WHILE Batting Assume Count Replace Batter AFTER Batter BEFORE Pitch Proper Batter Out Batter Removed / No Out Others No Advance OUTs Stand Next Batter AFTER Batter AFTER Pitch

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Kate on 1st Ivy Bats Ivy Walks Kate to 2nd Jill Bats Jill Hits Foul Ball Defense Appeals RULING Jill Stays at Bat Jill Flies Out WHO’S UP? Kate Stays at 2nd Amy Bats Amy B Kate 1st Ivy 2nd Jill B 1st Out B

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Batter’s Box – Before the Pitch Don’t call “Play Ball” until the batter is inside the lines of the batters box (can be on the lines) Illegal Illegal Illegal Illegal Legal Legal

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BATTING POSITION Time Batter’s Box Stay In Box

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Illegally Batted Ball Cannot Step Out of Box to Get Running Start Can Step On Line Cannot Step Entirely Out Of Box Cannot Step on Plate No Violation Unless Contact Made ILLEGAL ILLEGAL ILLEGAL ILLEGAL LEGAL LEGAL LEGAL

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Request Time Step Across Plate BATTING POSITION Time Batter’s Box Stay In Box Step Across Plate

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Seniors–Hits Plate or Mat Ball Through Strike Zone STRIKE ON BATTER LIVE BALL DEAD BALL Ball Through Strike Zone Swing and Miss Foul Tip Foul Ball Batter Hit In Strike Zone Batter Doesn’t Enter Box

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Live Ball Fast Pitch – Not Hit BALL ON BATTER Pitch Not In Strike Zone Illegal Pitch Excessive Warm Up Catcher Not Back To Pitcher Pitcher Does Not Throw Pitch

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Third Strike: Caught BATTER IS OUT Hits Ball with: Illegal Bat Non-Approved Bat Batter’s Box Infraction Bunt: 2 Strike Foul Fly Ball Interference Dead Ball Runners Return

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BATTER OUT Batter’s Interference Hinder Catcher By Stepping Out Of Box In Box – Actively Hindering Intentionally Interferes Either In Or Out Of Box Play At Home Bat Hits Ball 2nd Time

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Hitting Bat a Second Time (Rule 7, Section 14 F) Bat hitting ball in fair territory considered intentional and batter is called out. Ball touching bat (in batter’s hand) over fair territory (outside batter’s box) Ball is dead. Batter is not out if still in Batter’s Box. Ball hitting loose bat in fair territory is considered unintentional and batter is not out. Ball is fair until rolling foul or touched over foul territory. Ball hitting bat in foul territory is foul ball. FOUL BALL NOT OUT OUT 1 2 3 1 2 3 4 4

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Uncaught Third Strike Batter is out: A third strike is not caught, provided a runner occupies first base at the time of the pitch and there are less than two outs. Batter is eligible to run to first: A third strike is not caught with two outs or less than two outs and first base unoccupied at time of pitch. Exception> 10C Rules

Summary: 2018 USSSA Fast Pitch Rule 7 Batting