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Tiny baby pandas made their first appearance before visitors at a breeding center in southeast China today. A total of ten cubs have been born at the center this year, ranging in age from one week to two months.  Giant panda cubs are very rare as female pandas are only able to mate on two or three days in a year. Around 75 per cent of the world's giant panda population lives in Sichuan province. 

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Visitors crowded around to get their own snaps of the newborn cubs.

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When a panda cub is first born it is pink, blind and toothless, weighing only 90 to 130 grams.

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A researcher carefully helps to feed one of the center's newest arrivals.

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A tiny newborn is gently cradled by a researcher at the center, which has cubs ranging from one week to two months old.

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This new arrival playfully nibbles on a blanket that has been placed in his incubabator.

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A sleepy panda appears to have a yawn as it snuggles up in its basket.

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The cubs practice holding their heads up by themselves, just like human babies.

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A huggable troupe of giant panda cubs made their first appearance at a breeding center in southeast China on August 20.

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A contented cub has a siesta before it goes to meet its adoring fans.

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Another cub takes a much-needed nap, face down on its belly.

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At around 70 to 80 days a panda cub will begin to crawl and play with its mother or other pandas.

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Five sleepy baby bears flop around prior to their first appearance before the public.

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A cub looks on at his playmates, who are already comfortably snuggled in their baskets.

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A young panda cub is set in its basket, ready to be shown to visitors from a safe distance.

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An inquisitive bear pokes his nose towards the photographer, while his furry friend relaxes.

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The fuzzy cubs each have their own little basket, lined with soft towels, blankets and muslin cloths.

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Pandas roll and loll around in front of excited tourists.

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Guests were thrilled so see the huggable new arrivals playing and napping in their wicker baskets.

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