Test tube baby treatment India


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In – Vitro Fertilization(IVF) Test Tube Baby

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What is IVF? For childless couples who are unable to conceive baby, IVF treatment is the blessing to them. In this process Egg and sperm interact manually in the laboratory(Lab Dish) Once the embryo is developed it is transferred in the uterus of intended mother.

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What is IVF Treatment? IVF treatment is the blessing for infertile couples, the women who has damaged eggs, blocked fallopian tubes etc. These couples can have their own baby by taking Test tube baby treatment India

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IVF Procedure Steps Ovaries Monitoring Ovarian Stimulation Sperm Ejaculation Egg Retrieval Fertilization Embryo Transfer Implantation

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Ovaries Monitoring Ovaries are made inactive for short period of time. To see better response of IVF hormones injection. This process is called as Downtime Regulation. Then patient is asked to monitor its menstrual cycle. One her 1st day of period, blood sample is taken.

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Ovarian Stimulation This begun after verifying dropped estrogen levels and thinning of uterus lining. Everyday during the treatment FSH injections are given to the patient. To activate ovulation IVF HCG trigger injection is given, once Hormones are balanced. This enables to produce several eggs

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Sperm Ejaculation Intended Parent(Husband) is asked to collect sperms so that to do eggs fertilization.

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Egg Retrieval Since midnight patient is asked not to have anything i.e. do not eat or drink. Egg collection is done regularly

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Fertilization In this step sperm is injected in the mature egg. This is kept in the incubator for whole night to complete the process of fertilization. These fertilized eggs is termed as embryo. Later cell division occurs.

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Embryo Transfer Choose the best embryo to transfer in the uterus. Under keen observation best and healthiest embryo is chosen, and then it is transferred to intended parent uterus.

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Implantation They confirm the uterus lining is ready to accept embryo. Progesterone injections are given daily to the patient. Observation is done whether the embryo is implanted successfully and whether its development started or not. After 2 weeks of implantation, pregnancy test is conducted.

Summary: Advanced medical technology i.e. In Vitro Fertilization(IVF) also known as Test Tube Baby Treatment India, where infertile couple can have their own baby by doing this IVF treatment. www.wellspringivfsurrogacy.com/test-tube-baby-clinic-india

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