Get To Know Ukulele Fretboard


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Get to Know Ukulele Fretboard

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The number of tones in the music is 12 and the twelfth fret notes get repeated in those of the open strings. Therefore memorizing the names of the open strings is important because in this way you will be able to understand one-twelfth of the 48 notes easily. Know the Names of Your Open Strings

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Importance of 5th and 7th Notes Both the open strings and the notes are the ones that appear across all the four strings besides a single fret. Similarly, following the fifth and seventh notes, you would get to know ukulele fretboard.

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Five is C-FAD and Seven is DoGBonE. You will surely learn one-quarter of the notes by playing and saying it aloud.

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Sharp and Flat Notes A, B, C, D, E, F, and G are the notes which are not followed by this pattern. You should understand that the note A is proceeded by A# making it a sharp note. The important thing to remember is that the flat notes work backward, meaning one fret back. A is your A-flat or A B which is also known as G-sharp because it is one fret up from G.

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