When Pope paul II Was Shot - 1981


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On May 13, 1981, Pope John Paul II was crossing St. Peter’s Square in Vatican City when an attempt was made on his life. Mehmet Ali Ağca, who had escaped from a Turkish prison after receiving a life sentence for murdering a journalist, fired four shots with a 9-millimeter pistol. Two struck the pope in his lower intestine, one in his right arm and one in his left index finger. Two bystanders were also wounded. Ağca’s accomplice, Oral Çelik, was supposed to set off a diversionary explosion to cover his escape, but lost his nerve and fled. Ağca was tackled and arrested while the pope was rushed to the hospital.

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Mehmet Ali Ağca raises his pistol and begins firing.

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Pope John Paul II in agony after being shot.

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The Pope is aided by his attendants.

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The pope is rushed to the hospital immediately after being shot.

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A nun in St. Peter's Square prays for the pope's recovery.

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The Pope recuperates in the hospital six days after the shooting.

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Mehmet Ali Agca surrounded by Italian policemen in Rome, a few minutes after he attempted to kill Pope John Paul II during a public audience at Saint-Peter's Square in Vatican City.

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May 14, 1981- Ağca is arraigned in court for the assassination attempt.

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The weapon which was used by Ağca in the assassination attempt.

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Dec. 28, 1983 - The Pope visits Ağca in prison.

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