X-Ray Security Screening System Market to grow at 5% CAGR from 2017 to 2024


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Fuel Cell Market size worth $25.5bn by 2024 X-Ray Security Screening System Market to cross $3bn by 2024 : Global Market Insights, Inc

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X-Ray Security Screening System Market size was estimated at over USD 2 billion in 2016, and is set to exceed USD 3 billion by 2024; according to a new research report by Global Market Insights, Inc. X-ray security screening system market is expected to grow over the estimated timespan, owing to the increasing adoption at the border crossing points to ensure safety and security. Persisting risk of terrorist attacks has encouraged the investment form the aviation sector. The systems are increasingly being implemented in the airports to prevent the harm to passengers, aircrafts, & crew and enhance national security, thus propelling the x-ray security screening system market growth. Growing threats of drug trafficking, illegal arms trade, and illegal immigration has increased the governments of various countries to use these scanning systems at public places including hotels, government sites, transport hubs, and museums & concerts. Key Insights from X-Ray Security Screening System Market:

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Possibilities of skin tissue damage due to ionization effect of the rays is expected to challenge the x-ray security screening system market growth. Growing stringency of regulations put forth by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) discouraging the use of high-frequency systems is expected to hamper the x-ray security screening system market growth over the future. However, the growing usage of backscatter x-ray systems, that reduce the health hazards in people scanning applications is expected to gain popularity. The trend of automation of detection process is becoming highly popular in the industry. Resource constraints such as limited staff for operating the equipment and budget are expected to hamper the growth in the long term. The companies are investing in R&D to increase the efficiency of these systems and generate more scans in a given timeframe. For instance, the R&D team of Rapiscan is working to automate the detection and screening process. The company is developing tools that help an operator analyze the image and quickly identify potential threats. Continued...

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China x-ray security screening system market size, by end-use, 2016 & 2024 (USD Million)

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Growing need to scan the cargos at the border checkpoints is driving the demand from transit industry, thus propelling the x-ray security screening system market over the forecast timespan. Companies in the industry offer a portfolio of configurable high-energy radiation scanning systems to keep the trade flowing smoothly. Technologies such as advanced cargo imaging and detection are developed that provides dynamic range and superior penetration views. Asia Pacific is expected to grow at a fast pace in the industry over the future, owing to growing number of passengers travelling through airways. Growing trade across the borders, particularly in developing countries including India and China is driving the adoption of these systems. Astrophysics, in partnership with the local supplier, will supply these equipment for the 2018 Winter Olympics and Paralympics in South Korea later this year, thus impacting the x-ray security screening system market size positively. Continued...

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Growing instances of terrorist attacks in Europe in the past few years and growing threat from terrorist organizations such as ISIS is expected to drive the regional x-ray security screening system market growth. The November 2015 Paris attacks on multiple locations including music venues, restaurants & bars, and sports stadium compelled the government of France to implement the scanning equipment in all the public places, thereby impacting the industry positively. The bombings in Brussels in March 2016 encouraged the government of Belgium to implement advanced scanning systems in airports and metro stations all over the country. Such threats are expected to compel the government bodies to implement these devices, thus propelling the industry growth over the next seven years. Some of the major players in x-ray security screening system market include OSI Systems (Rapiscan), Morpho Detection, Smith Detection, Analogic Corporation, L3 Security & Detection Systems, Analogic Corporation, Adani Group, Astrophysics, Inc., and American Science and Engineering. The companies are developing software solutions to enable to view an integrated scanned image. For instance, CV2 software solution by L3 integrates the data from several scanning systems to a centralized display. Continued...

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Summary: Request Sample of Report @ http://bit.ly/2hvF2ZK The trends in the x-ray security screening system market indicates that product screening holds the largest share in 2016 and experiencing high industry growth. This is largely attributed to the rising occurrences of drug and weaponry movement over the borders. These systems can aid in the scanning of large product volumes such as vehicles and shipment containers.

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