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Although transformers and inductors look very similar and also seem similar in construction to a layman, they are actually two different elements used in different applications. To help you understand this difference, we have explained both transformers and inductors in detail below. Transformers A transformer consists of two coils of insulated wire that are wound around an iron core. The primary coil is connected to an input source of AC current that produces a constantly varying magnetic field around the coil, and the secondary coil is connected to another electric circuit to give an output. The magnetic field produced around the primary coil in turn produces AC current in the secondary coil too. There is a difference between the number of turns in both the coils. It is this difference that determines the voltage. The ratio of the number of turns in the primary coil to that in the secondary coil is called the turns ratio, and it determines the ratio of voltages in both the coils. This means that with one turn in the primary coil and ten turns in the secondary coil, the voltage in secondary coil will be 10 times that in the primary. Similarly, ten turns in the primary coil and one turn in the secondary coil will result in voltage in secondary coil to be 1/10th that in the primary. Transformers that have more turns in the secondary coil are step-up transformers, and those that have more turns in primary coil are step-down transformers.

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At Miracle Electronics, the leading transformer manufacturer in India, we manufacture a wide range of transformers including toroidal, medical isolation, power, audio output, three phase, EI, audio line matching, SMPS and UI. Inductors An inductor is a passive two-terminal electrical device that is made of an electrical wire wound into a coil. Current when flows through the coil will store energy temporarily in a magnetic field in the coil. Any change in the flowing current will create a voltage. The inductance of an inductor is measured in Henry (H) units, which is the ratio of the voltage to the rate of current. These values range from 1 µH to 1 H in inductors. The core of an inductor is magnetic and is made of ferrite or iron that increases the magnetic field and thus, the inductance. Inductors are used in AC electronic equipment to block AC current, while allowing DC current to pass. At Miracle Electronics, we manufacture a variety of inductors too that are ideal for any application requiring a high DC current bias and are well-suited for use in SMPS. With our inductors, you can easily have the highest common mode impedance over the widest frequency range. For the same inductance produced by any other solenoid, Miracle Electronics’ inductors require fewer turns and are smaller in size. Our inductors have no air gap, have a very low electromagnetic radiation, have a safe design with superior quality wiring, and produce negligible noise. So, for any requirement of inductors and transformers, you can promptly contact us to make sure you have the best products. We also customize products as per your requirement, so that you receive a unique solution to suit your needs.

Summary: A layman usually finds inductors and transformers similar, while they are actually very different. This blog will explain in detail about both these equipment.

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