Promote Your Business with Fabric Flags


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Express Graphics Promote Your Business with Fabric Flags

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Advertisement flags are the perfect way to get your message out there at an affordable price. Our flags can go in the ground or on pavement. Choose from different styles and sizes. Whether you decide to use banners or flags, with a more traditional shape, there are several factors you must consider before you finalize a design of your Advertising Flags.  Here are some factors that can affect the cost and value of your advertising flag. Size, Color combination of Advertising flag – The cost of printing Advertising flags can sometimes depend on the number of colors used, as well as the type of printing you prefer. To help minimize your expenses, digital printing is definitely a better quality and cost-effective choice.

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Size is another important matter to consider as far as the designing and creating of advertising flags are concerned. The size of the Advertising flags usually depends on the size of image or logo you want to display and noticeable. It is highly suggested that you choose a bigger flag to ensure best possible visibility. Though there are many variations of the flags are available for marketing. Tear-drop flag, feather-flag, pole-flag does impress a lot to the passersby. Materials to be used – Different materials provide different benefits. Are you going to use Advertising flags indoors or outdoors? The outdoor is subjected to harsh weather compared to indoor. The different quality and of different fabrics are to be looked after while selecting Advertising Flags.  The materials used for your Advertising Flags also have an impact on cost and appearance of Advertising Flags.

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Single or double side – When it comes to Advertising flags, it is as good as a promotional banner and hence,  you can choose between one-sided and double-sided flags. One-sided flags are usually printed on a single ply material and double-sided flags, on the other hand, are created using three layers of material. The graphics are printed on the two outer layers while the inner layer is used to prevent the colors from bleeding through. Due to the extra layers of fabric, double-sided flags are generally more expensive and durable than single-sided flags. Consult a specialist – It’s wise to take the help of an expert producer of Advertising Flags and marketing graphics team to ensure that you can easily deliver the message, brand, and image properly to your audience. You also can get the marketing materials you need at a price you can afford. Professional manufacturer of Advertising Flags working for you can prevent every small mistake in design and quality that may create bad impact effectiveness of your advertising flags.

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CONCLUSION If your client is looking for a simple and economical advertising flag, Express Graphics has a wide variety of custom promotional flags and banners for you. At Express Graphics we provide digitally printed custom size advertising flags with high quality, durable and fabric prints advertising flags for your business marketing requirements. Our pre-built advertisement flag styles include portrait or landscape layouts and are available in either a single-reverse or double-sided layout. If you have a Banner, Flag requirements for your tradeshows, events, celebrations, choose to talk to us on (336)465-9335, Address 301 N Main Street, Suite G104, Winston Salem, North Carolina, USA Web - Email - Phone - 336-765-9335

Summary: Founded in 1987 Express Graphics is a North Carolina based printing firm that produces signs, banners and marketing graphics.