Surefire Tricks of Vashikaran


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Surefire Tricks of Vashikaran Vashikaran Totke

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Vashikaran Solution to Control Girl If Rai and Piyangu are invoked with Harim Mantra (ह्रीं मंत्र ) and put on a girl she will be in control.

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GirlFriend Back Vashikaran Solutions On Saturday, make a statue of a beautiful figure (Putali) and write the name of the desired woman or girlfriend on middle of it and show it to the woman whose name is written on it. Then place that pupil (Putali) on the chest. This will emanate that woman and your girl friend will be in control of you.

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Get Girlfriend Love Back Vashikaran Solution Immerse the silver ankle in a mirror or clay vessel for twenty one days! Change the time of morning to the dolphin! Grab this ankle ashes from the ashes and make your girlfriend a gift! If she put these anklets, her mind will be in your control after 3 days.

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Girlfriend Vashikaran Solution Take the root of the holy basil tree (Tulsi) and put together with saffron (kesar), gorachan, your hair ash, Ak tree ash and cloves in it. After 21 days feed it in soft drink, sweets, dessert to your girlfriend and she will be in your control from now.

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Love Back Vashikaran Solution When root of Bijur (Bijure ki jar) and seed of Harebell (Dhatoore ke Beej) are grinded with onion and smelt to someone (boy/girl) will be in control of you.

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Vashikaran Solution to Control WomAn If a person tilkes the grinded mixture of white sandal (Safed Chandana) and root of Sahadevi (Sahadevi ki jar) at the time of the solar eclipse (Surya Garahan), then the woman who is seen will be subdued.

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Husband Vashikaran Solution When you have husband is giving you less time or getting attracted to some other lady then take Custard apple fruit (Sita fal) with honey and let your lover to eat it with some wheat. In this way he will leave other women.

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Vashikaran Solution to Control Someone By grinding the root of real white Gunja (Safed Gunja) and implementing its tilak on the forehead helps in Vashikaran or control individual spirit.

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Powerful Vashikaran Solution Make a mixture of coconut, jasmine flower, cod, tagar, Kumkum and Desi ghee and put them in a cup. Continuous use of this mixture as tilak for few consecutive days generates the power of Vashikaran.

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Must use Vashikaran Solution After grinding and filtering Nagkesar in Kharal and mixing it with pure ghee, applying it on the forehead, the power of Vasikaran gets generated.

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Summary: Do you want to know some vashikaran tricks by which you can do vashikaran of your girlfriend, boyfriend, woman, husband, wife, lover, boss etc. Read here the surefire Vashikaran totkes which are helpful for vashikaran.

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