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Stop Valve Manufactured by maniks

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Introduction: Maniks Stop Valve Maniks Stop Valve introduction Features of Stop Valve DESIGN:Connections Valve Cone Spindle And Packing glands Installation Technical Data Special Services Maniks Stop Valve

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Maniks Stop Valve Maniks Stop Valve:

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Maniks Stop Valve Introduction: MSVA Stop Valves are available in angle-way and straight-way versions and with Standard neck (MSVA-S). The stop valves are designed to meet all industrial refrigeration application requirements and are designed to give favourable flow characteristics and are easy to dismantle and repair when necessary. The valve cone is designed to ensure perfect closing and withstand a high system pulsation and vibration, which can be present specifically in the discharge line. Maniks Stop Valve

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Features of Stop Valve: Applicable to HCFC, HFC, R717 (Ammonia) and R744 (CO2). Can be used in chemical and petro-chemical applications. Modular Concept : Each valve housing is available with several different connection types and sizes. Possible to convert MSVA-S any other product in the MSVL family (regulating valve, stop check valve, check valve or strainer) just by replacing the complete top part. Fast and easy valve overhaul service. It is easy to replace the top part and no welding is needed. Maniks Stop Valve

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Features of Stop Valve: Optional accessories : Heavy duty industrial hand wheel for frequent operation. Cap for infrequent operation. Available in angle-way and straight-way versions with Standard neck Each valve type is clearly marked with type, size and performance range. The valves and caps are prepared for sealing, to prevent operation by unauthorized persons, using a seal wire. Internal metal back seating: Maniks Stop Valve

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DESIGN:-Connections: Butt-weld DIN (EN 10220) Butt-weld ANSI (B 36.10 Schedule 80), DN 15 - 40 (¼ - 1½ in.) Butt-weld ANSI (B 36.10 Schedule 40) DN 50 - 150 (2 - 6M) Socket Weld (ANSI B 16.11), DN 15 - DN 50 (½ - 2 in.) Outside pipe thread G ½ in. - G 7 - 8 in. (ISO 228/1) FPT Female Pipe Thread, NPT (ANSI/ASME B 1.20.1), DN 15 - 32 (½ - 1¼ in.) Maniks Stop Valve

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Valve Cone: The valve cone can be turned on the spindle. Thus there will be no friction between the cone and the seat when the valve is opened and closed and the special design will avoid cone spin due to pulsation and vibration when the valve is in open position. A Teflon tightening ring provides perfect sealing with minimum closing force. Maniks Stop Valve

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Spindle: Made of polished stainless steel, ideal for leap seal sealing. Packing glands: The low temperature packing gland ensures a perfect tightness in the range: –60/+150°C (–76/+302°F). The packing glands are equipped with a scraper ring to prevent penetration of dirt and ice into the packing gland. Maniks Stop Valve

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Installation: It is recommended that the valves be installed in the direction of flow indicated by the arrow on the valve body. The valve can be installed in the opposite direction but this slightly reduces the Kv-value (Cv-value). The valve is designed to withstand high internal pressure. However, the piping system in general should be designed to avoid liquid traps and reduce the risk of hydraulic pressure caused by thermal expansion. For further information refer to installation instructions for MSVA. Maniks Stop Valve

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Technical Data: Refrigerants: Applicable to HCFC, HFC, R717 (Ammonia) and R744 (CO2). For further information please see installation instruction for MSVA. Temperature range: 60/+150°C (–76/+302°F). Max. Working pressure 52 bar g (754 psi g). Maniks Stop Valve

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Thank You Maniks Stop Valve

Summary: A stop valve is a kind of valve system that completely stops the flow of liquid through a pipe as a result stop valves are generally used in important machinery or a human workstation. A stop valve may be manual operated or an automated system. Manual stop valves generally have a screw handle to stop and allow the fluid to flow through the pipe, which is most common in many pipe systems.

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