Avoid These Mistakes Before Installing Solar Power System At Home


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5 Mistakes To Avoid Before Getting Solar Power For Home By INSOLERGY

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Mistake #1 Thinking you can DIY i.e. Do-It-Yourself for installing solar panels at home

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Going DIY and ending up with a bad installation can greatly increase the time it takes to get an ROI on your solar panels. Best is leave it to the professionals.

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Mistake #2 Skimping on hiring a good residential solar company

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Using inexperienced or otherwise cheap installers is almost as bad as doing it yourself. You don’t want to end up with: Non Optimal Solar Solution Offering Lower RoI Weak Foundation of Solar Power Installation Substandard Quality of Solar PV System Components Contact Insolergy Technologies to install solar power system for home

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Mistake #3 Skipping site survey or assessment for home solar panel installation

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Just because there may be some open space available at home on the roof, garden or driveway does not guarantee its suitability for solar power generation. Skipping site survey may lead to: Underestimating the roof condition Miscalculating the available roof area Ignoring the influence of the nearby objects for shadow Choosing wrong orientation and tilt of the solar array

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Mistake #4 Selecting non-optimum component quality to solar power your home

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Higher efficiency solar panels tend to cost more. Consider installing solar panels which will give the best return on investment rather than simply the most efficient solar panel. More about efficiency of solar panel system

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Mistake #5 Thinking that going 100% solar is the only way

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If you are living in a place with acute shortage of electricity, going 100 % solar may be a fair argument. However, in urban parts of India where electricity supply is quite robust, going 100% solar can be an overkill. Example using tariff structure of Maharashtra Units             Tariff 0-100             3.76 101-300         7.21 301-500         9.95 501-1000       1.31 1000+             12.5 As can be seen, the first 100 units of electricity are supplied at extremely cheap rate. The next 200 units are fairly competitive. Any consumption above this amount is expensive. So it makes economic sense to draw the initial few 100 units from utility supply, and offset remaining using solar power.

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Thinking of going solar?

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INSOLERGY TECHNOLOGIES ask@insolergy.com +919082786504 www.insolergy.com

Summary: After deciding to go solar and before investing in solar power system, home owners must avoid these common yet expensive mistakes which can impact your returns for solar and the RoI. Insolergy has put together these 5 worst mistakes to avoid before installing home solar panels.

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