Oxy2 - Sustainble Pollutant-Protection Technology


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Oxy2 was founded to combat this mostly overlooked crisis in the western world. As a research and invention focused company, our mission is to enable people to do more through nanotechnology and design. Contact Us: 215-356-0819 Oxy2 Oxy2

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Can a building clean the air? Introducing Passive Net 90% percent of people in the US spend their life indoor. Yet buildings today in densely polluted regions don’t have a clear solution to protect people indoor from urban environmental pollution. Companies often require complex air purification systems that consume massive energy. Through electrospinning polymer material to a nano-fiber web with a diameter of between 20-50nm, the Passive Net is able to both capture and chemically degrades particulate air pollutants. When used for architectural surfaces, the Passive Net can achieve an environmental pollutant filtration efficiency of over 99% without no external energy consumption

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Nanofiberous Facial Mask For Particulate Matter Filtration Face masks are widely used to filter airborne pollutants, especially when particulate matter (PM) pollution has become a serious concern to public health. Here, the concept of thermal management is introduced into face masks for the first time to enhance the thermal comfort of the user. A system of nanofiber on nanoporous polyethylene (fiber/ nanoPE) is developed where the nanofibers with strong PM adhesion ensure high PM capture efficiency (99.6% for PM2.5)

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If you are passionate about fighting environmental pollution with us and have related domain expertise, contact join@oxy2.com

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Summary: Oxy2 conducts foundemental research toward the creation of efficient, sustainble pollutant-protection technology.

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