Tara! #PuntaTayo sa Punta del Sol Samal Beach Resort Reason #1: To Getaway - Punta del Sol Beach Resort


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Tara! #PuntaTayo sa Punta del Sol Samal Beach Resort Reason #1: To Getaway - Punta del Sol Beach Resort

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Punta del Sol Beach Resort in Samal breaks it down for us: We are living in a fast paced world, every single day we do things that are like clockwork which sometimes we feel really exhausted at the end of the day and we tend to forget about what is really important in our lives. The question is when was the last time you had a stress free and fun beach vacation experience with your loved ones?

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In truth, you must balance work and rest, according to studies from many experts on the subject, it is beneficial for your family and friends to hit the beach or island hopping Davao. They concluded that most adults and children indulging in regular visits to the beach or any vacation spot will feel rejuvenated, free from stress, ready to face the world again and will have a more positive outlook on life.

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Furthermore, with regards to the health benefits that you will get from having a beach vacation: A day at the beach will help you get a better sleep, you will get your natural vitamin D, you will have better immune system, you will have time for your exercise by walking or swimming, you will get natural beauty treatment for your skin, decreases inflammation and pain with water aerobics, fill your lungs with fresh air, and reconnect yourself spiritually with the beauty of nature that surrounds you.

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Experience a treasurable moment, aqua sports and a stress free getaway with your family and friends at Punta del Sol Beach Resort in Samal and appreciate the true beauty of nature with lush tropical vegetation, serene secluded environment, pristine white sand beaches, and endless natural horizons of picturesque scenery.

Summary: Punta del Sol Beach Resort in Island Garden City of Samal has been conceptualized on a holistic approach providing a wide array of aqua sports activities and nature tripping at its best. As a dive resort, we have Samal Island Divers School of Scuba Diving within the vicinity.

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