5 Reasons Why Businesses Need Rapid Web Application Development Platform


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Why Businesses Need Rapid Web Application Development Platform 5 Reasons

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Modern enterprises rely on rapid web application development tools increasingly to create mobile and web applications. The reason is embedded in the term ‘rapid’ itself. It is the age when waiting isn’t an option. The faster, the better! This PPT lists out the top five benefits of rapid web application development tools and why businesses are in need of them to stay ahead of the curve.

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Time-to-Market Businesses opt for rapid web application development tools to expedite the application development and delivery process. Typically, enterprise app development and delivery take anywhere between 3 to 6 months using traditional methods, but the RAD web application development significantly reduces the time required to build apps. Iteration Speed When it comes to quick iteration, the rapid web application development tools score higher than the traditional methods. With RAD web application development users are able to assemble the first viable version of an app within hours and initiate field tests. The visual tooling feature also allows developers to easily incorporate changes, in an iterative manner, as compared to traditional methods of development.

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Reusability of Components Rapid web application development tools offer a whole new approach to software development through reusability of code and repositories. Developers, also, don’t have to build every application from scratch. Instead, the work can be divided into smaller pieces and the development work can be accomplished asynchronously. Built-in Security Security plays an integral part in enterprise software development. Risks loom large whenever app development projects are outsourced or built from scratch. With rapid web application development tools, security concerns are taken care of at the platform level. The built-in security features and the ability to take care of security concerns in an organized manner makes the rapid web application development tools a secure alternative for organizations.

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In-house Development With a rapid web application, development tools apps can be built asynchronously between teams with component libraries and IPR shared throughout the organization. Rapid web application development tools also reduce the development times considerably. This makes it possible for companies with much less expertise in large-scale mobile app development start developing apps in-house. Better Applications The quality of an application plays a crucial role in determining end-user adoption. If an application is complex, deviates from standard user interface paradigms, does not look good or performs badly, the end-user adoption is likely to suffer.

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Rise of Bimodal IT The bi-modal IT model or the practice of managing two separate but coherent modes of IT delivery is a fairly new concept, with rapid web application development tools, IT groups can look forward to successfully managing critical software systems of an organization. Managed Platform Service Rapid web application development tools that support open source technologies is more a necessity today, as it ensures an open and extensible platform for application delivery. Another advantage of managed platforms is that different aspects of applications, from client user interface to backend logic and integrations have been designed in such a way so that the features work together on a platform level. Users, therefore, enjoy new platform-level features and capabilities that are instantly available and are guaranteed to work together with existing applications.

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Saving Resources Application development speed and the ability to develop mobile apps in-house are some of the ways that provide resource and monetary savings there are, however, other ways in which organizations can save their resources. Failure in project delivery and failure in user adoption are two of the costliest outcomes of an app development project and both risks can be mitigated by utilizing rapid web application development tools. Projects can be delivered successfully with increased iteration speed and through the re-usability of code and repositories with low-code tools.

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Summary: This blog highlights the top five benefits of rapid web application development tools and how these low-code tools play an integral part in determining the success of an app development project. To know more click here https://www.hokuapps.com/products/rapid-web-application-development-tools/

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