How To Activate FilmOn Private Roku Channel


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Filmon Roku Private Channel

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Roku A lot of rating sites Rate Roku the top-notch streaming device, and that it because of multiple reasons. But the most important factor they consider is the sheer amount of content Roku has to offer, to its users.

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Private Channel A lot of streaming devices have all the standard streaming platforms that they can support and let the users use it, but what separates Roku from them? Roku has these untapped special mystery boxes, that the other streaming devices do not! These are called private channels. These channels are made private by the content providers themselves, and there might be multiple reason for it!

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Film On One of the most popular private channels is the Film On. This Film On Private Roku channel, offers to the users that are subscribed to it the best content. Almost at par with most of the regular channels, this private platform offers content that can be accessed from CNN, ESPN Fuel, Disney, Fox, NBC, Discovery and a lot more channels.

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The channel however is restricted to users from USA, and the service providers provide access to the channel only to devices that show a USA IP in their Roku device. If they seem to acknowledge a discrepancy in the IP, they wouldn’t let you subscribe to you. You would also need a DNS server up and running to have the subscription. But all these are worth it!

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How to activate? But the prerequisite is that, you have an active Roku account, and Roku streaming device, linked with one another! If you have a device isn’t linked with your account yet, please make a note of the passcode that is displayed on the TV screen when you switch your Roku device connected to your TV.

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Then, log on to a browser and go to Roku com link. You will see a box that will ask you for the code, and please enter it there. Now that your Device is linked with your Account, you will be taken to the page about your payment information. Please note that any purchases you make from your Roku account will be charged to this account and give the corresponding details.

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Having Doubts? For more details to activate your Roku and adding channels on Roku call us at +1-888-844-1380

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