Music Production Courses in Delhi


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Music Production Courses in Delhi

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CrashedBeats is the leading institute which provides top-notch Music Production Course in Delhi. Founded in 2007, Crashed Beats has produced thousands of professionals over the years in the media and entertainment industry and currently retains the top position in Delhi for having the highest number of working professionals in the Indian DJ industry. CrashedBeats maintains the highest quality of teaching by maintaining a strict rule of individual or maximum of 4 students in a batch. Under such a setting, our dedicated teachers are able to focus solely on the development of each student personally. About US

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We Provide Music Classes For Courses:- Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) Advanced Mixing Electronic Music Production (EMP) Harmony Course Music Arrangements Sound Engineering

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The first step towards a successful career in everything from being an audio producer to a sound engineer, acoustician or working in the industry of film sound or live sound. CAREER

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CRASHEDBEATS offers the best Music Production Courses in Delhi. Our music academy is equipped with industry-standard hardware and software with the latest innovations from Pioneer DJ, Reloop, Denon, Apogee, Ableton, Image Line and more. Our dedicated teachers can focus solely on the development of each student. We have placed hundreds of students in the best clubs, radios, bars and music studios in India and abroad.

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Mixing and mastering are a key to making a good song. It's a life that sings magic. Learn to mix as a professional and a master. Topics include: EQ, compression, panning, level balancing, reverb and special effects. Mixing and Mastering

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Delhi, 110001, India Website:- GET IN TOUCH WITH US

Summary: Music Production Courses in Delhi at CrashedBeats. We designed special courses that will help you to achieve your goals in music. Our highly trained staff and music teachers give you all guidance of music and its techniques. For more information Visit at

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