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Digital Global Systems Digital Global Systems (DGS) Headquartered in Washington DC was formed in 2013 and evolved out of an intelligence-driven project that required near real time analysis of spectrum data to identify, locate and decode signals of interest in complex and dynamic RF spectrum environments. Website: Email:

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Services Telecoms Real-Time automated RF Spectrum visualization, monitoring & analysis from a single screen. Key Features: Configured and operated either standalone, or as a nodal network with encrypted, high-speed backhaul of all (or just relevant) data, with the ability to login to any node(s) at any time Each node has a sweep speed >24GHz/sec from 70MHz – 6GHz (configurable) Ensure reliable coverage and high-quality voice and data communications

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Spectrum Monitoring & Management Automated Spectrum Monitoring and Management Key Features Automated Analysis that intelligently processes signals and alerts to violation of license database for operator action and reporting A learning engine that continues to fine tune analysis and reported results over time Processing on the node to limit backhaul requirements Ability to network all fixed and mobile monitoring units and run reports over multiple units

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Critical Asset Protection Protecting critical assets and national infrastructure is a top priority and traditional physical barriers are no longer enough Key Features DGS SigBase scans from 70MHz to 6GHz (configurable) at very high speed to gather raw data. Each unit operates autonomously within a nodal network, gathering and processing data in real-time. Any changes, suspicious signals or rule-breaches trigger alarms for action by people or other equipment.

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Contact Us Website: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube:

Summary: Digital Global System is a telecommunication company in Beltsville providing smart spectrum monitoring technology for telecom department, transportation, utilities, public safety, government and defense organizations.

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