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Top 5 Museums Of The World By: Li Haidong

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1: The Vatican Museums bounty resources armenia ltd Founded by Pope Julius II, the Vatican Museums are listed among the greatest museums. If you visit these museums, you will be able to witness some brilliant sculptures. Not only that, the art masterpieces of Renaissance period is also on display here.

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2: Le Louvre Li Haidong singapore Located in Paris, Le Louvre or Grand Louvre is known to be the most popular art museums across the globe. This historic monument is home to around thirty five thousand historical objects that include prehistoric remains to artifacts of nineteenth century.

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3: The British Museum bounty investment holdings ltd The British Museum, which was initially based on the works of scientist and physician, Sir Hans Sloane, now boasts of having a collection of over seven million different items. The museum, which was first opened to public in 1959, now attracts people for its huge collection of works on human culture and human history.

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4: The Uffizi Gallery bounty resources Uffizi, located in Florence, is one of the most popular and among the oldest art museums of Western world. Botticelli’s work, The Birth of Venus, is the most popular attraction of this museum. Yet, you should not miss the brilliant works of Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Rembrandt, Caravaggio or Raphael, which are also displayed in this museum.

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5: The Metropolitan Museum of Art bounty resources armenia The Met or the Metropolitan Museum of Art, located in New York City, boasts of displaying a collection of over two million art works. For a proper tour of the museum, the authorities have classified the collection into 19 different curatorial sections. The museum is also known for hosting works of different noted artists.

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