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How to Use Your Samsung Galaxy Tab As a Phone

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Make calls. To start making calls, tap the phone icon from your tablet’s screen to bring up its on-screen numeric keypad. Here, type in the phone number you want to contact and press the green phone icon to place the call. Toll free number 1-888-886-0477

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Surf the net. Once you inserted a SIM card, you can now start browsing the Internet even without connecting to a Wi-Fi network. All you need to do is the following: Toll free number 1-888-886-0477

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TELSTRA TECH SUPPORT NUMBER 1-888-886-0477 Enable mobile data. Open the notification tray by sliding your fingers from top to bottom of the tab’s screen. Once the notification tray has been expanded, tap the “Mobile Data” quick setting button (the arrows point up and down) found on the upper portion of the tray to enable this feature. Start surfing. Tap the “Internet” application from the home screen to open the tablet’s native web browser. Type in the address of the website you want to visit and press the “Go” button on the keyboard to start surfing.

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Telstra helpline number 1-888-886-0477 THANK YOU FOR WATCHING VIDEO

Summary: MORE UPDATE :- How to Use Your Samsung Galaxy Tab As a Phone from this video you will come to know how to use tab as phone like calling etc. so lets watch this PPT or if have a problem call us our toll free number 1-888-886-0477.

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