Modern PR in e-edition, integrated customer service


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Modern PR in e-edition, integrated customer service Wojciech Szymański

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The Internet is one of the primary sources of information about services, products or brands. Peter De Vries and Ad Pruyn have investigated whether the facts that a product has been evaluated by consumers affects the purchase at online stores. It turned out that the sale of recommended products is higher up to 20%.

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Zero Moment of Truth - the marketing concept developed by Google saying that buying decisions take place at the online review stage.

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Purchase process – traditional model

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Purchase process – a new model

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70% of Americans declare that they look at opinions about products before making a purchase. 79% of consumers claim that they use smartphones to help themselves with their purchases. 83% of mothers claim that after viewing a TV commercial, they look at opinions about a product online.

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What does influence your decision when you consider buying a product?

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84% of shopping decisions among respondents are influenced by opinions found online 54% of respondents browses different e-shops and reviews before buying online. 62% of Internet users try buying a product online before buying in a traditional shop.

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SERM (Search Engine Reputation Management)

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SERM – one can appear on Google up to 8 times

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Findability - the ability to find the desired information, product or service at any time.

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Findability - the ability to find anyone or anything from anywhere at anytime.

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We will see an example how many times you can be on the net

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How do I see modern e-PR? It involves being wherever our potential customers are!

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Where are our potential customers? They are looking for opinions online…

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11 steps of PR - online edition CASE STUDY: Congress of Professionals

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1. Be in TOP 3 of search results for the most important keywords

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2. Make sure all pages in TOP 10 results for branding keywords are positive.

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3. Make sure your business has profiles on social networking sites

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4. Communicate through Social Media

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5. Let them talk about you

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6. Make sure you have plenty of information about your business online: publish your content and try to appear on other websites as well.

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7. Upload your content on websites where you can "share" something

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8. Take care of you credibility

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9. Get lots of referral links to your website

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10. By following these previous steps, this one will be done by itself: Google autocomplete

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11. You will automatically find yourself in Google Suggest

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Thank you for your attention! Wojciech Szymański

Summary: Findability - the ability to find anyone or anything from anywhere at anytime. Check out more information on the website

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