Benefits of Different PolySoft Surfaces


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Benefits of Different POLYSOFT SURFACES

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PolySoft surfacing is made up of polyolefin plastomer based pebbles combined with highest grade raw materials and UV stable pigments.

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PolySoft is a cost effective, light stable and durable surface, engineered for regular usage that can easily withstand rough conditions.

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It is a surface treatment suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications requiring unique and intricate designs with a strong color range.

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The PolySoft material is 100% recyclable with 40% originating from natural sources.

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When combined with the appropriate cushion underlay, PolySoft is an exceptional impact attenuating playground safety surface.

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Let's take a look at some of the common varieties of Polysoft surfaces-

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PolySoft Play is a soft fall surface best suited for areas specifically designed for engaging play and recreational activities and mainly suitable for dry applications.

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The strong chemical bond between the particles ensures superior lateral strength and flexibility.

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It provides an excellent independently verified anti slip rating for both wet and dry applications.

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It's hygienic and easy to maintain characteristics makes it perfect for playgrounds, pathways, courtyards, rooftops, gym floors.

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PloySoft Splash is a slip resistant surface intended for areas that deal with moderate to high exposure to water.

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It can only be installed over concrete or an approved hard surface(AHS).

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It is a flexible surface solution, ideal for various wet areas like water theme parks, aquatic play areas, splash pads, pool decks and more.

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The surface temperature of PolySoft are cooler than traditional finishes such as concrete, asphalt and rubber.

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It can protect against premature fading and provides excellent resistance to UV radiation and to chemicals such as chlorine.

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PolySoft Versatex is a highly resilient surface best suited for areas that require a tactile finish as well as water resistance and soft underfoot surface.

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It is favorable for both dry and wet applications which makes it a great choice for pool surrounds, pathways, rooftops, commercial shops, etc.

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PolySoft materials are built to be non-toxic and fungal resistance to provide a safe and healthy surface.

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It can be customized by integration of different colors, patterns and logos in the surface design.

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PolySoft materials have revamped the concept of utter multi-utility surfaces that stands more comprehensive and versatile to the modern day requirements.

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Summary: Do you think you are new to polysoft surfaces? No, you are not, because you have seen and using such surfaces in your daily work schedule. These soft-surfaces are mostly found in children's park, water parks, gym, and many more places which require floors that feature both looks and safety. And also being cost effective and durable, the polysoft surfaces are meant for such flooring. So, to be aware about the different types of polysoft surfaces and their benefits.

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