Diagnose Common Diseases in Dogs During the Summer


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Dogs are our faithful companions and they always depend on us for good care.

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As a dog owner, you need to be aware about the diseases that could affect and make them unhealthy.

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Generally, in summer time keep an eye on your canine friend for the summer diseases and their desired symptoms.

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1 5 4 2 3 EAR INFECTIONS DEHYDRATION LEPTOSPIROSIS SEASONAL ALLERGIES PARASITES Here are some of the common diseases in dogs during summer :

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Summer season is full of environmental allergies, yeast, ear mites, bacteria etc that increase the risk of ear infection. 1 EAR INFECTIONS

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Symptoms :-   a. Ear excessive Scratching and odor b. Lack of Balance c. Head shaking and tilting d. Swelling in the outer portion of the ear e. Redness occurs in the ear canal f. Yellow, brown or bloody discharge 1 EAR INFECTIONS

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Low water content in the body of the dog leads to dehydration that may cause by parvo virus, intestinal parasites and food problems. 2 DEHYDRATION

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Symptoms :-   a. Excessive vomiting b. Less desire for food and water c. High fever and dry mouth d. Weight loss or weakness e. Excess volume of urination 2 DEHYDRATION

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Most effective solution is to give them cool and clean water to drink. 2 DEHYDRATION

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The leptospirosis problem can be arises due to different germs, that prove to be fatal if not treated immediately. 3 LEPTOSPIROSIS

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Symptoms :- a. Body and joint pain, weakness b. High fever c. Discharge from the nose as well as eyes. d. Vomiting and Diarrhea 3 LEPTOSPIROSIS

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Vaccination is available for this disease. Also try to keep your dogs away from spending a lot of time in the water to protect them from the disease. 3 LEPTOSPIROSIS

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Dogs may be allergic to a variety of seasonal items, such as grass, fleas, and several other plants in summer. 4 SEASONAL ALLERGIES

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Symptoms :- a. Constant itching, leaking and biting at the skin b. Tiny black arises in your dog's skin due to flea dirt c. Allergies lead to rashes and redness d. Hair loss and excess sneezing 4 SEASONAL ALLERGIES

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If you notice any of the signs in your dog, then contact your vet as soon as possible. 4 SEASONAL ALLERGIES

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The interior and exterior parasites are quite risk for dogs and commonly called as worms. 5 PARASITES

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Symptoms :-   a. Changes in appetite b. Scooting on bottom c. Vomiting and diarrhea d. Stomach aches e. Poor appearance and dry, coarse coat 5 PARASITES

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Consulting your vet is the best thing to do here, but you can also include oral medicine. 5 PARASITES

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Summer is the most important time of the year for preventative health care for your special friends.

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To enjoy your summer with your fur friend, it is critical to consult with your Vet to know different ways by which you can prevent your pet dog from these common diseases.

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Summary: Health complications arising in dogs during the summer are a usual phenomenon. As a pet parent, it is your responsibility to keep your four legged friend in the prime of its health. It is very important to diagnose the diseases, so as to effectively deal with them. Seeing our beloved pet in pain can be very heart-wrenching for us. There are certain common diseases that affect dogs during summer. The following slide will give you complete information regarding the diseases affecting the dog's in summer.

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