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Dale Carnegie 1888 - 1955

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CV, Biography & More Hesham Khairy PhD, MSc, MD

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Curriculum vitae Course of life Living document Marketing yourself

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Combined Chrono-Functional format Reverse chronological order Specific skills, experience & talents No Gaps in-between New Old

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Combined Chrono-Functional format Source:

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Main Sections Header Education Work Experience Research Experience Honors/Activities References

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Header 1. Name 2. Address 3. Phone 4. Email 5. Blog

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Work Experience Title position, Organization, City, State, Date employed Specific role in bullets

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Research Experience Focus on relevant research

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Honors/Activities I am a leader Academic & professional awards Leadership positions Only relevant ones

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References The most important ! Ask referees beforehand On request/demand

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Additional Sections Professional license (SCHS ID) Additional Training / Assistantship Membership / Affiliations Volunteer / community service Language / computer skills Continuing Education

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Do’s Professionalism Stick to truth Avoid using “I” or “My” Modify according to required Grammar & Punctuations Update regularly

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Don’ts Use Several Fonts to Catch Attention ALL CAPITAL LETTERS Using templates Focus on your needs

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Biography Why using biography ? Story of most compelling acheivments One Page – Few paragraphs Written in the third person essay format

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Header Why I’m different Multinational training experience Solid scientific Background Related work experience Creativity close

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Online CV (E-Portfolio) Strong world-wide reach Professional audience focus 70% of users for job hunting Customized Portfolio

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Professional Blog Online Portfolio Pages: CV & Biography Posting professional activity Videos, Lectures, Gallery .. etc Keep will targeted Use: WordPress or Wix

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Professional Blog

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Professional Blog

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Professional Blog

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Professional Blog

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Professional Blog

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Take-home Message Start writing your CV today Stick to the roles Ask for revision & peer review Update CV regularly Reconstruct your CV if less than 5% response !

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Q & A

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